Cholesterol Profile

Cholesterol Profile

Evidence continues to mount that Helena's Cholesterol Profile results have a strong correlation to CHD, especially Lipoprotein(a). Statistically, one in five has an elevated Lp(a) level. Helena Cholesterol Profile allows direct measurement of HDL, LDL and VLDL cholesterol along with Lp(a) cholesterol in a single run with excellent correlation to the laboratory reference method and an excellent reimbursement margin.

Simultaneous - Direct HDL, LDL, VLDL and Lp(a)-C in one run
Accurate - provides a “broadcut” LDL like the CDC reference method
Easy -
 Analyze 100 samples in 80 minutes with little hands-on time.

SPIFE Vis Cholesterol Profile Kits

Cat. No. / Item / Description

3438 –  SPIFE Vis Cholesterol -100 – 10 x 100 samples
3439 –  SPIFE Vis Cholesterol - 80 – 10 x 80 samples

3440 –  SPIFE Vis Cholesterol - 60 – 10 x 60 samples
3441 –  SPIFE Vis Cholesterol - 40 – 10 x 40 samples
3442 –  SPIFE Vis Cholesterol - 20 – 10 x 20 samples
3443 –  QuickGel Cholesterol Kit for SPIFE – 10 x 10 samples

Kits include: 10 Gels, Cholesterol Reagent, Diluent, Citric Acid Destain, Blotters, and Applicator Blades.

For QuickGel Cholesterol Kit for QuickGel Chamber, see Cat No 3543T.

SPIFE Profile Cholesterol

Cat. No. / Item / Description

3218 –  Cholesterol Profile Control – 5 x 1.0 mL

The lyophilized controls are prepared from human plasma and are assayed for HDL, LDL, and VLDL Cholesterol and Lipoprotein(a). Reconstituted controls are stable for 5 days stored at 2 to 8-C.

Additional Supplies and Equipment for SPIFE Vis Cholesterol Procedure:

SPIFE Reagent Spreader (Cat No. 3386), REP Prep (Cat No. 3100), Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1115), Reagent Spreaders for (Cat. No. 3706), SPIFE Disposable Cups - Deep Well (Cat. No. 3360), SPIFE 20-100 Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3366), SPIFE Disposable Stainless Steel Electrodes (Cat. No. 3388).

Additional Supplies and Equipment for QuickGel Cholesterol SPIFE Procedure:

Cholesterol Profile Control (Cat. No. 3218), REP Prep (Cat. No. 3100), Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1115), SPIFE Disposable Sample Cups (Deep Well) (Cat. No. 3360), SPIFE/QuickGel Electrodes (Cat. No. 1111), SPIFE/QuickGel Gel Holder (Cat. No. 3358), QuickGel Chamber Alignment Guide (Part No. 86541003), QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3353), and SPIFE/QuickGel Disposable Stainless Steel Electrodes (Cat. No. 3357), SPIFE Reagent Spreaders (Cat. No. 3386)