CK Isoenzymes

CK Isoenzymes

CK Isoenzyme analysis is well established for documenting myocardial injury and electrophoresis is the reference method. There are fewer false positives, fewer repeat tests, identification of atypicals and visual confirmation of results. SPIFE’s automation makes isoenzyme testing as easy as any immunochemical or chemistry analyzer method.

SPIFE provides full automation of this assay with automated sample application, reagent application and separation of up to 40 samples into the traditional MM, MB and BB fractions in 65 minutes. Smaller 10 and 20 sample sized kits are also available.

SPIFE Vis Isoenzyme Kits

Cat. No. / Item / Description

3332 –  SPIFE CK Vis - 40 Kit – 10 x 40 samples/gel
3333 –  SPIFE CK Vis - 20 Kit – 10 x 20 samples/gel

3334 –  QuickGel CK Kit - SPIFE – 10 x 10/20 samples/gels

Kits include: 10 Gels, Isoenzyme Reagent, Isoenzyme Diluent, CK Vis Chromogen, CK Vis Activator, Blotters, Applicator Blades, Citric Acid Destain.

For QuickGel CK Kit for QuickGel Chamber, see Cat. No. 3534T.

CK/LD Isoenzyme Control

Cat. No. / Item / Description

5134 –  CK/LD Isoenzyme Control – 5 x 2 mL

Prepared with murine tissue extract and human serum, control is for quantitative and/or qualitative use in conventional agarose electrophoresis of CK and LD isoenzymes (3 CK and 5 LD isoenzymes present). Reconstituted control is stable 5 days at -20-C.

Additional Supplies and Equipment for SPIFE CK Vis Procedure:

CK/LD Control (Cat. No. 5134), REP Prep (Cat. No. 3100), Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1115), SPIFE Reagent Spreaders (Cat. No. 3706), Applicator Blade Weights (Cat. No. 3387), SPIFE Reagent Spreaders (Cat. No. 3386).

Additional Supplies and Equipment for QuickGel CK SPIFE Procedure:

REP Prep (Cat. No. 3100), QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3353), SPIFE QuickGel Electrodes (Cat. No. 1111), SPIFE QuickGel Gel Holder (Cat. No. 3358), CK/LD Control (Cat. No. 5134), QuickGel Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1262), SPIFE 3000/REP 3 Reagent Spreaders (Cat. No. 3706), SPIFE Dispo Sample Cups - Deep Well (Cat. No. 3360), Chamber Cover (Part No. 8JP34012), SPIFE QuickGel Chamber Alignment Guide (886541003), and SPIFE Reagent Spreader (Cat. No. 3386).