About Helena Point of Care

Helena Laboratories Point of Care is dedicated to providing the medical community with reliable technology to improve patient care at the point of care. Our specialties include heparin monitoring and platelet function screening.
Helena Plateletworks

Helena Plateletworks

Plateletworks provides a functional platelet count plus platelet aggregation or inhibition percent activity at the point of care using standard ADP, arachidonic acid and collagen agonists.

Actalyke / MAX-ACT

Precisely measure hemostatic status with Actalyke ACT analyzers and a full line of ACT tubes, including glass bead, kaolin, celite and triple activator, MAX-ACT to ensure maximal activation when monitoring heparin dosing.

Cascade Abrazo – EU Only

Coagulation testing at the point of care just got a lot easier! Abrazo is a handheld, point of care hemostasis analyzer with an intuitive touchscreen interface, built-in barcode reader and an easy-to-use reagent platform.