Load Samples and Walk Away

Proteins, Immunodisplacement, Hb

V8 Nexus Next-Gen CE

The V8 Nexus is engineered to provide efficient, walkaway automation. User-scheduled auto maintenance and auto capillary conditioning means the V8 Nexus is ready to turnaround precise results when you arrive. Explore the demo video now.

Integrated Reporting

The intuitive V8 system software provides ease of operation and plenty of user-defined options. Patients results can also be integrated into the QuickScan system for integrated reporting with gel results and tracking of treatment progress with the Myeloma Module.

Max Sample Capacity

V8 Nexus has an on-board sample capacity of 112 specimens with continuous loading. The Nexus MAX stockyard can add an additional 440 sample capacity. Together, this system can perform up to 552 SPEs in just under 7 hours.

Highlighted Features

Automation is a key feature of capillary electrophoresis, after the run starts the V8 Nexus takes over and performs all the testing processes.
Buffer and Reagent Handling

Buffer Handling

• Six on-board buffer locations
• Four assay buffers, two rinse/utility buffers
• Multiple method capability
• All buffers are barcoded for full audit traceability
• Automated buffer replenishment
• High-throughput screening
• Efficient walkaway automation
• One buffer bottle purged at a time

Reagent Handling

• Ten on-board reagent locations
• Peltier temperature controlled reagent bay
• Controlled stability and reduction in reagent loss
• Four diluent reagent positions

Auto Maintenance

• User-scheduled instrument maintenance –
ready to go when techs arrive
• Fully automated maintenance procedures:
Start up > Method Change > Shut down
• Automated purging for capillary conditioning and protection
• Service alert feature
• Automated system check

On-Board Diagnostics

• Advanced status feedback
• Real time monitoring of sample and electrophoresis timing
• Intuitive buffer and reagent volume monitoring
• Maintenance status and timing monitoring
• Service alert

On Board Diagnostics

V8 Nexus Fast Facts

Eight capillaries, six buffers and ten reagents on-board for multi-assay use.


Tests/HR Proteins Fast CE


Tests/HR Immunodisplacement


Tests/HR Hemoglobins


Capillaries Run Simultaneously

Intuitive Software

• Useful touch screen operation
• Automates identification of normal samples
• Easily overlay traces and monitor changes

Platinum 6 Improved QC Suite

• User-defined Levey-Jennings & Westgard rules
• Live feedback of QC status
• Easy identification of QC failures
• Analyze individual band plots
V8 Nexus CE

Looking for Higher Volume Sample Handling?

Nexus Max logo

Nexus MAX provides greatly expanded throughput for high volume testing. Up to 440 sample tubes can be loaded in racks for continuous feed, with a turnaround of up to 440 SPEs in five hours, while still maintaining STAT capability.

Walkaway Automation –
440 SPEs in 5 Hours

V8 Nexus


Let's Get Technical

Want to know the details? Helena provides complete information on the V8 Nexus. Feel free to download a brochure or check out the latest warranty, service and technical specifications.
Product No. / Item

1825 – V8 Nexus CE Analyzer (115/230V)
1840 – V8 Nexus CE Analyzer with Server PC (115/230V)
1800 – V8 Velocity CE Analyzer (110V)
1802 – V8 CPU with QuickScan Touch Software (110V)
1803 – V8 Immunodisplacement Kit (50 tests)
1805 – V8 Serum Protein SPE Kit (500 tests)
1828 – V8 Nexus Hemoglobin UltraScreen Kit (300 tests)
1810 – V8 SP Normal Control (10 x 2 mL)
1811 – V8 SP Abnormal Control (10 x 2 mL)
1820 – V8 Clinical Waste Drawer Inserts, 50/pkg
1821 – V8 Barcode Labels for SPIFE Diluent (10/pkg)
1831 – V8 Storage Buffer Kit
1832 – V8 Maintenance Buffer Kit
1835 – V8 Serum Protein Buffer
1845 – Nexus Max Sample Bay (115/230V)

• Positive patient identification • Sample rack bar coded identification • Bar code buffer and reagent containers
Bar Code:
• Embedded bar code reader • Symbologies: Code 39, Codabar, Code 128, Interleave 2 of 5, Code 93, UPC/EAN
• Up to 14 sample racks of 8 primary tubes; total 112 standard operation
Gel Sample Trays:
• Compatible with SPIFE sample trays
• Generic sample cups • Sampling is direct from uncapped primary tubes: Diameter: max. 16 mm, Height: max. 100 mm, Dead volume: 30 µl
• Dilutions, cell lysis, reagent addition and reagent incubation
• Eight silica-fused capillaries • Peltier controlled temperature capillary chamber
• Six on-board buffer system containers; up to four open user-defined assay buffer positions • Dynamic buffer level monitoring
• Ten open positions for reagents and antisera: Anti-IgG, -IgA, -IgM, kappa and lambda • Sample diluents and preparatory solutions • Peltier controlled reagent positions • Dynamic reagent level monitoring
• On-board maintenance solutions • Automated maintenance, startup and shutdown procedures • Automated purging between assay changes
• Wavelength detection: monochromator with 200-600nm range • Detection: eight photodiodes
• Detection of Serum Proteins at 20.8 mg/dL
Assays / throughput / tests per kit:
• Serum Protein 6-band - 48/hr - 500 • Serum Protein 6-band Fast CE - 88/hr - 500 • Immunodisplacment - 14/hr - 50
Data Processing:
• Database management of up to 2 million patient scans • Export to QuickScan Touch for edit and reporting • Trace capture and editing • Statistical calculation and display • Database flagging of patient status • Bi-directional communication; import and export of patient data • Immunodisplacement image capture & linkage to scan traces • Multiple search parameters with overlay capacity
Q.C. and validation:
• Levey-Jennings and statistics reports
• 35.2" (width) × 26.8" (depth) × 26.8" (height) • 895 mm (width) x 680 mm (depth) x 680 mm (height)
• 159 lbs. / 72 kg
• Output connections Ethernet connection from V8 to PC, LIS • RS232 serial connection to LIS. • USB connection to peripheral utilities
• Consumption of 489 W (VA)
Environmental operating conditions:
• Ambient temperature 15 to 30°C (59°F to 86°F) • Non-condensing relative humidity between 35% and 88% • Maximum altitude of 6,562' (2000 meters)

Personal Demonstration?

Thank you for exploring the V8 Nexus. If you would like a full demonstration of the system send us your contact info.