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We encourage you to use our toll free telephone lines for information, orders, and consultations. Our quality products and services are available worldwide. Distribution is organized through companies specialized in the marketing and servicing of Helena's products.

Mailing Address - Letters

Helena Laboratories
PO BOX 752
Beaumont, Texas 77704-0752


Mailing Address - Packages

Helena Laboratories
1530 Lindbergh Dr.
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Phone and Fax

In USA: 800-231-5663
Outside USA: 409-842-3714
FAX General: 409-842-6241
FAX Orders: 409-842-9561
FAX Tech Service: 409-842-1874

Instrument Support

Helena’s support continues long after we install your instrument. Our warranty and service agreements provide you with a highly trained staff for instrument maintenance and service assistance.

Helena has earned a reputation for outstanding customer support. Field Service Representatives are located throughout the U.S.A. and can be dispatched to provide on-site assistance when needed. Let Helena help you avoid unexpected downtime and expense. For information on service agreements or general service, call toll free 800-231-5663 and ask for Electronics Customer Service.

Instrument Support It is our sincere desire that your Helena instrument operate at its highest performance capability with a minimum of downtime. To this end, our Service Department, regarded as one of the industry’s best, provides around-the-clock emergency telephone support, prompt on-site service when needed, and a full array of service agreements for proper maintenance and calibration of instruments.

Telephone Support Services

To minimize instrument downtime, telephone support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The resolution of instrument problems is expedited by our skilled phone technicians who will work with you to troubleshoot problems over the phone and, if needed, dispatch a field service representative to provide on-site service in your laboratory.

Field Service Support

Our Field Service Representatives are located in key cities throughout the United States, enabling us to respond quickly whenever on-site service is required. While on-site service is usually provided during business hours, at your request, service can be provided after hours, on weekends and holidays. Our Field Service Group has deservedly earned a reputation for experience, determination and commitment in providing the highest level of instrument support.

Warranty Information

Helena Laboratories’ electronic instruments are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship. Liability under this warranty is limited to service or adjustment of the unit on-site or replacement of the unit, at the discretion of Helena Laboratories. On-site warranty service is provided at no charge during regular business hours, which are defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except national holidays. If service is requested to be performed outside of regular business hours and can be provided, the customer is responsible for labor and travel at Helena’s current rates. This warranty is effective for a period of six months (some instruments carry a one year warranty) from date of shipment to original purchaser, and does not cover faults caused by misuse, abuse, damage incurred in shipment, or acts of nature including but not limited to fires, floods, and electrical surges. This warranty does not cover damage due to malicious software, such as computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc.

Service Contracts

Service contracts are an effective method of insuring that your instrument is maintained to the highest standards. Several agreements are available, but if you don’t find one that suits your situation, we can design one just right for you.

Extended Warranty Service Agreement (EWSA)

This agreement extends the standard warranty coverage for instruments with six month warranties to a full one year and provides one scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) call. All provisions of the warranty remain in effect. Since during its first year of use an instrument experiences the greatest amount of “settle-in”, it is most important to have routine attention during that time. This contract is designed to provide that attention.

Consolidated Service Agreement (CSA)

This ‘blanket-protection’ agreement is the best way to prevent unplanned expenses should an instrument require emergency service. The Consolidated Service Agreement includes one scheduled PM calls as well as travel, labor and repair parts costs on all calls.

Comprehensive Replacement Agreement (CRA)

Designed for smaller instruments where factory service via overnight freight is more cost effective, this agreement offers the benefit of fast and easy instrument turnaround. Helena Laboratories will repair or replace your unit and pay the costs of shipping up to three times.

Order Information

We are dedicated to quick, efficient handling and shipment of your orders. Orders are accepted by phone, fax, mail, EDI, or in person to your local Helena technical representative. Representatives are located throughout the U.S. and worldwide through our subsidiaries and distributors. Or you may call or fax directly to our Order Department at our Texas headquarters.

EDI users must pre-register by first calling Order Entry. Purchase Order Number, Name of Institution, Account Number (if known), Shipping and Billing Addresses, Shipping Requests, Catalog Numbers, Quantities, Size (if applicable), Voltage and Hz Requirements.

For questions on an order/purchase order, send emails to: orderentry@helena.com

U.S.A. Pricing and Terms

All prices are F.O.B. Beaumont, Texas. The prices stated are United States dollars retail and subject to change without notice. Products are generally shipped via Federal Express 2nd Day Delivery or UPS Ground. Please indicate if you require any other shipping method. Terms are net ten (10) days. A $25.00 minimum order is required.


Leasing arrangements are available to fit your needs. Please contact our sales department for more information.


All Helena equipment is available on a monthly rental basis; contact our sales department for more information.


To ensure your continued satisfaction, Helena provides fully staffed Customer Service Departments. Our staff is ready to serve you by providing assistance with instrumentation and diagnostic procedures. Helena's Customer Service Departments may be reached from any U.S.A. phone by calling 800-231-5663, toll free (outside U.S.A. call 409-842-3714). This service is available at no cost to all Helena customers and can usually resolve problems quickly and easily.

Qualified Helena representatives are located worldwide to call on customers whenever possible, providing technical assistance in the demonstration, evaluation, selection and use of Helena products.


Helena electronic instruments are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship. Liability under this warranty is limited to service or adjustment of unit on-site, or replacement of unit at Helena's discretion. On-site service is provided at no charge during regular business hours (M-F, 8-5; except national holidays). If service is requested outside of regular hours and can be provided, the customer is responsible for labor and travel at Helena's current rates. This warranty is effective for 6 months (1-year for some instruments) from date of shipment to original purchaser, and does not cover faults caused by misuse, abuse, damage incurred in shipment, or acts of nature including but not limited to fires, floods, and electrical surges.


We reserve the right to discontinue any item without notice and to change specifications at any time without incurring any obligation to incorporate new features or modifications in previously sold product.

Inspection, Acceptance, Rejection

All goods received shall be inspected by Buyer within two (2) weeks of invoice date and unless a notice of rejection has been sent by Buyer to Seller within such time period, Buyer shall be deemed to have irrevocably accepted such goods. Any claim for shortage or errors must be reported to Seller within this same time period. Call 800-231-5663, extension 1873.

Product Returns

All products returned to Helena must have a Merchandise Return Authorization (MRA) number. To obtain return authorization, follow these steps:

1. Notify Helena of need to return product.
A. For Defective Product, call our Technical Service Department. At time of call, discuss the problem with the Technical Service Representative and request an MRA number. Please have ready appropriate lot number(s) and/or serial number(s) and amount of the product you need to return.

B. For Product Shipped or Ordered in Error, call the Order Department to request an MRA number. All equipment ordered in error will be restocked at a charge of 25% of the purchase price. All other products that you have received because of your error are not returnable for credit.

Domestic Customers: Any discrepancies must be reported within 14 days after receiving product. Call 1-800-231-5663 ext 1873.

2. After obtaining MRA number, return product as instructed. If possible, include original packing slip. All documents and correspondence must include MRA number. Return merchandise should be sent prepaid unless other arrangements are approved by the Customer Service Representative who issued the MRA.

Foreign Customers:
Any descrepancies must be reported within 14 days after receiving product. Email: cjohnson@helena.com or rholmes@helena.com

Company Responsibility

Recommendations and data in this publication have been assembled from lab reports, various external sources, and tests conducted at Helena Laboratories. The material has been carefully compiled and is believed to be reliable. Since Helena has no control over the conditions of use of its products, the company disclaims any responsibility for damages or injuries that might occur during use of Helena products. Helena Laboratories does guarantee reliability of its products to the full extent of the terms stated under Warranties.

Service and Warranty Agreements

None of these agreements cover consumable item costs and some instruments may require pre-agreement service checkups at the customer’s expense.
Instrument / Agreement
Actalyke MINI-II 1197 - Comprehensive Replacement  
AggRAM Win 10 System 1191 - Consolidated Service Agreement  
AggRAM Win7 System 1192 - Consolidated Service Agreement  
AggRAM Module 1193 - Comprehensive Replacement  
Cascade M 1194 - Comprehensive Replacement  
Cascade M-4 1195 - Comprehensive Replacement  
ELP Auto Sample Handler 1165 - Consolidated Service Agreement 1163 - Extended Warranty
ESH Touch 1175 - Consolidated Service Agreement 1173 - Extended Warranty
EWC 1147 - Comprehensive Replacement  
Titan Plus 1150 - Comprehensive Replacement  
Mindray BC-3600 Analyzer 1196 - Consolidated Service Agreement  
ProtoFluor Z 1147 - Comprehensive Replacement 1142 - Extended Warranty
QuickScan 2000 1167 - Comprehensive Replacement  
QuickScan Touch 1168 - Comprehensive Replacement  
QuickScan Touch Plus Server 1170 - Comprehensive Replacement  
QuickGel Chamber 1151 - Comprehensive Replacement  
SPIFE Nexus 1185 - Consolidated Service Agreement 1184 - Extended Warranty
SPIFE Touch 1140 - Consolidated Service Agreement 1139 - Extended Warranty
SPIFE 2000 1902 - Consolidated Service Agreement  
SPIFE 3000 1146 - Consolidated Service Agreement 1144 - Extended Warranty
SPIFE 4000 1156 - Consolidated Service Agreement 1154 - Extended Warranty
SUREspot 1147 - Comprehensive Replacement  
V8 Capillary 1180 - Consolidated Service Agreement  
V8 Nexus CE Analyzer 1181 - Consolidated Service Agreement  
Service manuals are available to assist you with instrument service and troubleshooting. As a courtesy to our customers, our Electronics customer Service Department is accessible via our toll free telephone line, 800-231-5663, to assist with service questions. Many problems can be resolved by simply calling one of our experienced phone technicians. There is no charge for this phone service.

Cat. No. / Instrument
9132 - Actalyke MINI
9134 - Actalyke MINI II
9139 - AggRAM
9164 - Cascade M
9167 - Cascade M-4
0156 - CliniScan 2 (units w/SN 09xxx)
9168 - CliniScan 3
9145 - EDC
9155 - ESH Touch
9157 - ELP Auto Sample Handler
9126 - EWC
9121 - EWS
9136 - I.O.D. - Incubator, Oven, Dryer
9147 - ProtoFluor Z
9107 - QuickGel Chamber
9165 - REP 3
9161 - REP w/Overhead Dryer
9150 - REP Gel Processor
9166 - SPIFE
9170 - SPIFE 2000
9171 - SPIFE 3000
9172 - SPIFE Touch
9173 - SPIFE Nexus
9159 - THOR
9130 - Titan Plus Power Supply
9129 - Titan Power Supply