Plateletworks effectively determines functional platelet count and true platelet aggregation or inhibition using traditional ADP, Collagen or Arachidonic Acid agonists. All that’s needed is an impedance cell counter and Plateletworks reagent tubes to screen pre-surgical and trauma patients for adequate platelet function and to monitor effects of anti-platelet therapies.

A Message from Tipton on Plateletworks

Tipton Golias, Chairman and Founder of Helena Laboratories talks about the importance of using Plateletworks for full functional platelet screening and the advantages of using it can be one of the best things you can do for your hospital. Watch video.

10 Minutes – Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Simply add 1 mL fresh whole blood to agonist and baseline tubes. 2. Perform cell count on each tube using any impedance cell counter. 3. Functional platelet count plus %aggregation/inhibition are available in just minutes.

Transfusion Reductions

Using Plateletworks as an integrated transfusion algorithm reduced RBC transfusions by 13%, platelet transfusions by 24%, and reduced episodes of major bleeding in 12 major hospitals across Canada. Karkouti K, et al. Circulation. 2016; 134: 1152-62. Read article.

Plateletworks in Practice


Free Technical Information and Sample Kit

A complete spec kit with product sample, instructions for use, educational info and lanyard interpretation cards are available to laboratories in the USA. Request here.

POPULAR Platelet Function Assay

• 1, 069 patients on clopidogrel undergoing PCI with stent implant.
Compared seven platelet function assays, including traditional laboratory PRP aggregometry to determine if clinical outcome could predicted by the degree of platelet inhibition. Only Plateletworks, PRP and one other assay had any ability to predict the occurrence of an adverse cardiac events within one year. Breet, et al. JAMA. 2010; 303 (8): 754-602.
Read article here.

Plateletworks Multi-Center Study

• 12 major hospitals across Canada
• 7,402 patients undergoing cardiac surgery
– Intervention group of 3,847 patients
– Control group of 3,555 patients
RESULTS: Using Plateletworks as an integrated transfusion algorithm reduced RBC transfusions by 13%, platelet transfusions by 24%, and reduced episodes of major bleeding. Karkouti K, et al. Circulation. 2016; 134: 1152-62. Read article here

Plateletworks in Cardiopulmonary Bypass

• 100 consecutive patients undergoing CPB
Plateletworks Collagen “may be useful for early identification of patients at risk for high blood loss and for guiding transfusion therapy in bleeding patients.” Orlov D, et al. Anesth Analg. 2014; 118: 257-63. Read article here

Comparison to Aggregometry

• 48 patients on clopidogrel and aspirin prior to percutaneous coronary intervention
Data demonstrated a good correlation between Plateletworks and LTA. Plateletworks is easier and faster and should be used on patients undergoing PCI on antiplatelet therapy. Polena S, et al. Point of Care. 2011; 10: 35-39. Read article here

Plateletworks by the Numbers

Plateletworks makes financial sense.

$ 27.60

Cost per test to perform both ADP and Collagen

$ 49.82

Total reimbursement for CPT Code 85576

$ 22.22

Yields a favorable reimbursement margin

Plateletworks Kits

Plateletworks Box
Product No. / Item

5860 – Plateletworks ADP Kit – 25 ADP Agonist Reagent Tubes, 25 EDTA Baseline Tubes
5862 – Plateletworks Collagen Kit – 25 Collagen Agonist Reagent Tubes, 25 EDTA Baseline Tubes
5864 – Plateletworks Arachidonic Acid Kit – 25 Arachidonic Acid Agonist Reagent Tubes, 25 EDTA Baseline Tubes
5850 – Plateletworks Combo-15 Kit – 15 ADP Agonist Reagent Tubes, 15 Collagen Agonist Reagent Tubes, 15 EDTA Baseline Tubes
5852 – Plateletworks Combo-25 Kit – 25 ADP Agonist Reagent Tubes, 25 Collagen Agonist Reagent Tubes
5854 – Plateletworks Combo-10 Kit – 10 ADP Agonist Reagent Tubes, 10 Collagen Agonist Reagent Tubes, 10 Arachidonic Acid Agonist Reagent Tubes, 10 EDTA Baseline Tubes

Mindray BC-3600

The Mindray BC-3600 for Plateletworks platelet function and general hematology testing at the POC provides a hematology profile with a standard CBC, as well as platelet count and platelet aggregation/inhibition in under five minutes. Testing is simple. Just add whole blood to an EDTA baseline reagent tube and your choice of agonist tubes and run a standard cell count. It’s that simple. Plateletworks can be used to screen for anything affecting platelet function.

• Calculates % inhibition and % aggregation for Plateletworks
• CBC, differential and functional platelet count
• 60 samples per hour
• Touch screen interface
• Closed tube sampling

For ease of use, Mindray BC-3600 offers cap piercing capability, reagent inventory management and supports use of a keyboard, barcode scanner and printer.

Mindray Analyzer


Let's Get Technical

Want to know the details? Helena provides complete information on Plateletworks and the Mindray BC 3600. Feel free to download a brochure or check out the latest warranty, service and technical specifications.
Product No. / Item
5890 – Mindray BC-3600 Analyzer
5882 – ICHOR II E-Z Cleanser (100 mL)
5883 – Probe Cleanser for BC-3600 (1 x 17 mL)
5884 – Diluent Solution for BC-3600 (20L)
5885 – Rinse Solution for BC-3600 (2 x 5.5L)
5886 – Lyse Reagent for BC-3600 (500mL)
5887 – Tri-Level Control for BC-3600
5888 – Calibrator for BC-3600
5889 – Thermal paper for BC-3600 (5 rolls)
5881 – Diluent Solution for BC-3600 (2 x 5.5L)
5893 – Probe Cleanser for Mindray BC-3600 (1 x 17mL)
WBC, Lymph#, Mid#, Gran#, Lymph%, Mid%, Gran%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, MPV and histograms for WBC, RBC, PLT
Electrical impedance method for cell counting and Cyanide - free for hemoglobin
Sample Volume:
Prediluted 20 uL, Whole Blood 21 uL
60 samples per hour
Large color touch screen. Resolution: 800 x 600
4 USB ports (for external printer, software upgrade, barcode reader, keyboard and mouse), LAN port (1), RS232 (1)
Thermal recorder, 50mm width paper, various printout formats, external printer (optional)
Operating Environment:
Temperature: 15°C~30°C, Humidity: 30% ~ 85%
Power Requirement:
AC 100-240V, 50/60±1Hz
16"W x 18"H x 18"D
62 lbs.

Samples? In Lab Demonstration?

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