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Helena Laboratories has been a leading American manufacturer of clinical laboratory instrument and reagents since 1966. We offer electrophoresis analyzers, densitometers, electrophoresis supplies, hemostasis reagents and instruments, immunology and protein diagnostics, disposable laboratory plasticware, test kits for fecal occult blood, and other products. Our worldwide clients include major medical centers, small hospitals, large reference laboratories and small private doctor's laboratories.
Welcome Helena
Welcome Helena

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• Made with pride in Beaumont, Texas, USA
• Transformative new product development
• Under our control from raw materials to final packaging
• Excellent educational support
• Outstanding service with 24-hour hotline
• Dedicated representatives throughout the USA
• Subsidiaries and distributors worldwide



• CE and gel electrophoresis systems
• Advanced reporting software
• Electrophoresis supplies
• Hemostasis reagents and instruments
• Immunology and protein diagnostics
• Disposable laboratory plasticware
• Test kits for fecal occult blood


Outstanding Facts

Helena has been awarded the U.S. Secretary of Commerce "E" Award for excellence in contribution to the American economy through export operations. With hundreds of laboratory products and more than 40 registered patents, Helena continues to be a market leader in the development of new diagnostic tests.

Helena Hallmarks

Founded on Product Innovations

Helena Laboratories was founded in 1966 in Taylor, MI, and is still privately held by Tipton & Ann Golias. In 1970 Helena was relocated to Beaumont, Texas.

Helena History
Helena History
Helena History
Helena History

Rigid support Titan III cellulose acetate revolutionized clinical elp

Quick Quant II - First laboratory instrument to use a microprocessor

First use of a personal computer in clinical diagnostic instrument

Introduced the concept of the CK/LD Cardiac Profile

First FDA approved diagnostic test for HDL, LDL and VLDL

First approved test for HbA1

First use of artificial intelligence in clinical lab diagnostics

First clinical use of IgG IEF for detecting oligoclonal banding in MS

Awards and Recognition

Tipton Golias
Spark of Invention Burns Bright

by Brian Sattler

It is an entrepreneurial epicenter - a world-class business with far reaching implications - found in unpretentious buildings that belie the cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art manufacturing within.

The research headed by Tipton and Ann Golias has led to break-through discoveries. Read the full article.

Tipton Van Slyke Award
Van Slyke Award Presented to Tipton Golias

Tipton Golias, President of Helena Laboratories, was chosen as the 2009 Van Slyke Award recipient for his seminal contributions to the science of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. The Van Slyke Award is the highest academic award presented by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine - New York - Metro Section and has been presented annually since 1957 to honor the memory of Dr. Donald Van Slyke who laid the foundation of modern clinical chemistry.


Here's where the magic happens!

Our home away from home, this is where our products come to life. We're proud of our work environment - innovative, productive and inviting!

Helena About Us
Helena About Us
Helena About Us
Helena About Us