ELP That Works For You

Helena has been the leader in clinical electrophoresis since 1966, offering both capillary and gel electrophoresis systems suited to any size workload. Continuing that tradition, the Nexus series of analyzers offer walk away automation with integrated reporting of both gel and CE results.

V8 Nexus CE

The V8 Nexus features eight capillaries and six on-board reagent positions that enable full multi-assay functionality and high throughput. A superior sample handling system allows continuous loading of samples with auto-dilutions and auto-preparation of SPIFE sample trays for additional testing by gel electrophoresis.


We've taken the expertise gleaned from sixty years in the field, added four years of intentional engineering and created a system that is automated, reliable, and easy to use. Based on our full-sized SPIFE agarose gel platform, SPIFE Nexus reimagines all processing steps from sample handling to final results with linking to capillary results as well.

Touch Series

The Touch integrated gel ELP system puts the power of touch technology in your hands to knock out all your protein, immunofixation, hemoglobin and cholesterol testing quickly and efficiently. The Touch system is faster and smaller, plus provides integration with the V8 capillary system and ease of interpretation with the Myeloma Module for reporting results.


QuickGel manual electrophoresis products are ideal for small runs and low volume testing, separating 10 to 20 samples per run efficiently and cost effectively. Like all of Helena's premium agarose gels, QuickGels have built-in buffer blocks for ease of use and separations that are crisp and clear.


Classic TITAN GEL manual agarose products remain stalwart in many laboratories. Equipment costs are minimal, only a modest sample volume is required for manual application, and separations are excellent. Assays include Hi Res, SPE, IFE, IEP and alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes.

Titan Acetate and Agar

Many laboratories rely on Titan III cellulose acetate and Titan IV citrate agar for identifying hemoglobinopathiesvia acid and alkaline electrophoresis techniques. Titan III is also used in many educational and research settings as well as forensics laboratories. Titan IV agar for immunoelectrophoresis is also available.