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Reviewing and Reporting SPE and IFE

Myeloma Module Workflow

Serum and Urine Patterns

Immunofixation Interpretation

Relative Electrophoretic Mobilities


Electrophoresis Reference Chart

General Electrophoresis

Reference Chart

High Resolution Proteins

Clinical Characteristics

Serum Proteins

Cardiac Profile Reference Chart

Cardiac Isoenzyme Profile

Diagnosing Acute Myocardial Infarction

Serum LD Isoenzymes

Laboratory Evaluation

Platelet Function

Clinical and Methodological Considerations

Hemostasis Pathways

Investigational Flow chart

Thrombotic Disorders

Investigational Flow Chart

Bleeding Disorders

Investigation of Bleeding Disorders

Dynamics of Hemostasis

For Your Good Health

Colorectal Screening