Screening Programs

Health fairs and employee screening programs are an important healthcare function. When considering which tests to include in your next program, consider the economy and effectiveness of the ColoCARE fecal occult blood test. Helena Laboratories is happy to work with program sponsors, providing assistance in designing a successful program with ColoCARE.

ColoScreen guaiac slides are also widely used as a low-cost, high-quality screening tool. But patient compliance can be poor with guaiac slides. That's why, with the aid of one of America's top medical specialists in the field of colon and rectal surgery, we developed ColoCARE.

ColoCARE is a clean, simple self-test. Sensitivity and specificity equals guaiac slides, but there's no stool handling, no developers and no processing. Compliance rates as high as 90% have been reported. ColoCARE eliminates the problems associated with guaiac slide tests - lower compliance rates, specimen mailing, delayed results, laboratory processing, handling and disposal of biohazards, etc. Try ColoCARE, the easy-to-use, economical choice for your next screening program.

Screening Program Packs

Screening Program Packs and Special Orders

ColoCARE Screening Pack

Cat. No. / Item / Description

5650 – ColoCARE Screening Pack – 250 Patients

ColoCARE is an excellent choice for health fairs and employee screens. Each patient kit provides the means to test three consecutive bowel movements and contains everything needed to complete testing in the privacy of home. Testing is accomplished by simply placing ColoCARE in the toilet after a bowel movement and noting any color change on a response card. ColoCARE is flushed away and the response card returned to the screening sponsor or physician for follow up.

For those preferring classic guaiac paper slides, traditional ColoScreen and new ColoScreen-ES are cost effective, high quality products. ColoScreen-ES offers a higher level of sensitivity than traditional guaiac slides (0.3 mg/g feces vs 10 mg/g feces) and provides a brighter blue color development for easier interpretation.

ColoScreen-ES (Extra Sensitive) Office Pack

Cat. No. / Item / Description

5085 – ColoScreen-ES Office Pack – 80 Triples

Kit includes: 80 Take Home Kits (each contains Triple Slide with Monitors, Collection Tissues, Applicators, Test Instructions & Mailing Envelope), 6 x 15 mL ColoScreen-ES Developer

Special orders are available to meet the need and scope of your screening program. Call 800-231-5663 for complete information on pricing and time requirements for special orders.

Educational Support Materials

Helena offers posters, Spanish language patient instructions and ColoCARE patient guides at no cost to support your health fair efforts. Simply request the materials when you place your order for a screening program.

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