QuickScan Touch Plus

For Imaging and Quantitation

The new QuickScan Touch Plus includes a more powerful Windows 10 CPU and a new SQL database format for enhanced data management. Data from multiple Helena systems, including gel and CE, can be electronically paired for interpreting, reviewing and tracking of results. Historic data from competitive systems can be imported.
Myeloma Tracking Module


This new addition unifies each patient's current and historical electrophoresis and supportive data into a single portal for interpreting, tracking and reviewing results. See the Myeloma Module in action with this quick demo.

Reports and Worklists


Reports and worklists are completely customizable. Create a single-page report that includes one patient's SPE and IFE with interpretation.

Reverse Image


Invert the background of IFE images on screen to create a "negative" view to enhance visualization and aid in interpretation. View simultaneously with positive image system.

Let's Talk About Features

The QuickScan Touch Plus densitometer provides fast and accurate imaging and quantitation of agarose gels as well as providing advanced data management tools for ease in reporting.
ESH Touch

Auto M-spike delimiting provides greater consistency between users

Key identifier

Intelligent software enhances automation of fraction quantitation

Applicator Blades

Patterns can be reviewed and edited remotely


Barcoded gels allow positive ID from patient tube to final results with LIS interfact

Automatic Application

Sharp patterns with adjustable contrast and brightness enhance small bands

Analytes and Gel sizes

Auto pair allows user to overlay up to two previous scans on the patient's current results

Interactive Webinars

Helena webinars are available to show you how much more efficient your workflow can be with the Touch Series integrated system.

Let's Get Technical

Want to know the details? Helena provides complete information on the QuickScan Touch. Feel free to download a brochure or check out the latest warranty, service and technical specifications.
Product No. / Item

1640 – QuickScan Touch Plus
1649 – QuickScan Touch Plus Myeloma Module
1694 – Color Laser Printer for QuickScan Touch
1691 – QuickScan Touch Software and Key
1692 – QuickScan Touch, Export Version 2
1695 – Monitor for QuickScan Touch
1699 – QuickScan Touch Myeloma Module Key

Touch Screen
Timer Range:
1 sec. to 99 min. | 59 sec. in 1 second increments
Chamber Temperature Range:
10° to 62°C (50° to 144°F)
Stainer Drying Temperature Range:
30° to 90°C (86° to 194°F)
Input Power:
Cat. No. 1068: 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Cat. No. 1069: 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
24" (61 cm) H x 39" (99 cm) W x 30" (76 cm) D
78 lb. (35 kg)
Operating Environment:
15° to 27°C (59° to 81°F)
Optional Isolation Transformer Specifications
Input Voltage:
120V (or 230V)
Output Voltage:
120V (or 230)
Power Range:
2000 VA
60 Hz (or 50 Hz)