SPIFE Nexus: Transformative Technology

Advanced robotics allow users to realize labor savings while taking full advantage of the high sensitivity of gel electrophoresis for IFE, proteins, hemoglobins and more. Explore the demo video now.

Full Automation

Just load samples and supplies, press start and return later for a scanned, finished gel. Everything is automated. Visual status indicators let you see what’s happening at a glance.

Revolutionary Antisera Application

Antisera for up to 15 IFE profiles is uniformly dispensed by the SPIFE Nexus without any crossover contamination. A temperature-controlled reagent bay maintains integrity of antisera on-board.

SPIFE Nexus Assays

SPIFE Nexus provide walkaway automation for a growing menu of assays. Gel sizes are available to accommodate most laboratories for maximum efficiency.

CK Isoenzymes

Highlighted Features


User-Friendly with Error Checking

A bench top Ready Run Tray allows easy five-minute setup and assay specific QR codes on components allow automated pre-run system checking to prevent operator errors.

Auto Sampling and Dilutions

SPIFE Nexus samples from barcoded primary tubes, performs needed dilutions and applies directly to gels. The advanced applicator system is unaffected by triglycerides or large proteins.

Ready-To-Use Stains

Liquid stains are provided ready for aliquoting in sample cups for auto application. Micro stain volumes reduce waste and a new Clear Wash provides clear backgrounds for easy interpretation.

Integrated Reporting

Helena’s QuickScan Touch Plus software with networked SQL database allows remote editing and interpretation, linking to other Helena gel and CE data and integrated reporting with historic results.

SPIFE collage

SPIFE Nexus Fast Facts

The new SPIFE Nexus is transformative technology for gel electrophoresis.


One to 100 SPE per gel


IFE Profiles in 90 minutes


SPEs in 8 hours


Minute setup per run



Let's Get Technical

Want to know the details? Helena provides complete information on the SPIFE Nexus. Feel free to download a brochure or check out the latest warranty, service and technical specifications.
Product No. / Item

1650 – SPIFE Nexus (120/230V)
1652 – SPIFE Nexus Cart
2399 – SPIFE Nexus Split-Beta SPE-80 Kit (800 tests)
2398 – SPIFE Nexus Split-Beta SPE-100 Kit (1000 tests)
2401 – SPIFE Nexus IFE-6 Kit (10 gels, consumables, antisera)
2409 – SPIFE Nexus IFE-9 Kit
2408 – SPIFE Nexus IFE-15 Kit (10 gels, consumables, antisera)
2415 – SPIFE Nexus Alkaline Hemoglobin-20 (200 tests)
2418 – SPIFE Nexus Acid Hemoglobin-20 (200 tests)
2421 – SPIFE Nexus Split-Beta SPE-40 Kit (400 tests)
2420 – SPIFE Nexus Split-Beta SPE-60 Kit (600 tests)
2438 – SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-100 (1000 tests)
2439 – SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-80 (800 tests)
2440 – SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-60 (600 tests)
2441 – SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-40 (400 tests)
2570 – SPIFE Nexus Applicator Templates (Set of 8)
2572 – SPIFE Nexus Applicator Blade Weights (5/pkg)
2574 – SPIFE Nexus Antisera Spreader Tips (10/pkg)
2575 – SPIFE Nexus Dispo Stain Cups (100/pkg)
2576 – SPIFE Nexus Carbon Electrode Insert
2577 – SPIFE Nexus A22 Short Electrode Insert
2578 – SPIFE Nexus A22 Plus Electrode Insert
2580 – SPIFE Nexus Cassettes (1/pkg)
2582 – SPIFE Nexus Ready Run Kit
2583 – SPIFE Nexus Reagent Roller
2584 – SPIFE Nexus Contact Sheets (5/pkg)
2587 – SPIFE Nexus Amber Reagent Roller
1034 – Neutral Density Densitometer Control for SPIFE Nexus
1696 – Pos ID Barcode Labels for Touch and SPIFE Nexus Systems (1000/pkg)
9173 – Service Manual for SPIFE Nexus

SPIFE Nexus Dimensions:
41" (104.1 cm) W x 31" (78.8 cm) D x 29" (53.3 cm) H
Monitor and Keyboard:
23" (58.4) cm) H x 14" (35.6 cm) W x 16" (40.6 cm) D
Total Weight:
~200 lbs (~90 kg)
15° to 27° C (59° to 80.6° F)
Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows® 10 *Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc.
Input Power:
90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, ~18 Amps
Electrophoresis Timer Range:
1 sec. to 90 min. in 1 second increments
Chamber Temperature Range:
10° to 30° C Pre-Drying
Temperature Range:
30° to 62° C
Final Drying Temperature Range:
30° to 65° C (86° to 149°F)
Test Tubes:
12-16 mm diameter, 75-100 mm height

In Lab Demonstration?

Thank you for exploring the SPIFE Nexus. If you would like an in lab demonstration of the system send us your contact info.