LD Isoenzymes

LD Isoenzymes

Electrophoresis is the method of choice for LD isoenzyme analysis. LD isoenzymes are useful in diagnosis of pulmonary infarction and hepatic congestion as well as a late marker of myocardial injury. SPIFE and QuickGel LD Isoenzyme assays takes full advantage of the automated reagent application, sample application and separation of the SPIFE electrophoresis analyzer. Up to 60 samples can be separated into the traditional five LD fractions in 77 minutes with complete automation.

SPIFE LD Isoenzyme Kits

Cat. No. / Item / Description

3335 –  SPIFE LD-60 Kit – 10 x 60 samples/gel
3336 –  SPIFE LD-40 Kit – 10 x 40 samples/gel

3337 –  SPIFE LD-20 Kit – 10 x 20 samples/gel
3338 –  QuickGel LD Kit - SPIFE

Kits include: 10 Gels, Isoenzyme Reagent, Isoenzyme Diluent, Blotters, Applicator Blades, Citric Acid Destain.

For QuickGel LD Kit for QuickGel Chamber, see Cat. No. 3538T.

CK/LD Isoenzyme Control

Cat. No. / Item / Description

5134 –  CK/LD Isoenzyme Control – 5 x 2 mL

Prepared with murine tissue extract and human serum, control is for quantitative and/or qualitative use in conventional agarose electrophoresis of CK and LD isoenzymes (3 CK and 5 LD isoenzymes present). Reconstituted control is stable 5 days at -20-C.

Additional Supplies and Equipment for SPIFE LD Isoenzyme Procedure:

CK/LD Control (Cat. No. 5134), REP Prep (Cat. No. 3100), Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1115), SPIFE Reagent Spreaders (Cat. No. 3706), SPIFE 20-100 Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3366), SPIFE Dispo Sample Cups (Deep Well) (Cat. No. 3360), Chamber Lid (Part No. 8JP34012).

Additional Supplies and Equipment for QuickGel LD Kit for SPIFE:

REP Prep (Cat. No. 3100), QuickGel Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3353), SPIFE QuickGel Electrodes (Cat. No. 1111), SPIFE QuickGel Gel Holder (Cat. No. 3358), CK/LD Control (Cat. No. 5134), QuickGel Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1262), SPIFE Reagent Spreaders (Cat. No. 3706), SPIFE Dispo Sample Cups - Deep Well (Cat. No. 3360), Chamber Cover (Part No. 8JP34012), SPIFE QuickGel Chamber Alignment Guide (886541003), SPIFE Applicator Blades (Cat. No. 3450) and SPIFE Reagent Spreader (Cat. No. 3386).