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TITAN GEL LD Isoenzymes

Different tissues contain varying concentrations of the individual LD isoenzymes: heart muscle contains LD1, liver and skeletal muscle contain LD5.

Electrophoresis, the method of choice for LD isoenzyme analysis, provides quantitation of all five isoenzymes in one test procedure. Electrophoresis accurately quantitates the LD1 and LD2 isoenzymes, as well as provides meaningful information on potential complications and secondary disease states, particularly pulmonary infarction and hepatic congestion.



CK/LD Isoenzyme Control

    CK LD Isoenzyme Control
Cat. No. Item Description
5134 CK/LD Vis Isoenzyme Control 5 x 2 mL

Prepared with murine tissue extract and human serum, control is for quantitative and/or qualitative use in conventional agarose electrophoresis of CK and LD isoenzymes (3 CK and 5 LD isoenzymes present). Reconstituted control is stable 5 days at -20-C.

Also for use with SPIFE CK and LD assays.

Remember: TITAN GEL Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber (Cat. No. 4062).