Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzyme

SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol

Nexus Cholesterol totally automates direct measurement of the cholesterol content of LDL, HDL, VLDL and Lp(a). Lp(a)-c does not suffer the inaccuracies of Lp(a) mass assays caused by isoform size variations. About 20% of the population are genetic expressors of highly atherogenic Lp(a) and distinguishing between LDL-c and Lp(a)-c is vital to appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Simultaneous - Direct HDL, LDL, VLDL and Lp(a)-C in one run
Accurate - provides a “broadcut” LDL like the CDC reference method
Easy -
 Analyze 100 samples in 80 minutes with little hands-on time.

SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Kits

Cat. No. / Item / Description

2438 –  SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-100 Kit – 10 x 100 samples (1000 tests)
2439 –  SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-80 Kit – 10 x 80 samples (800 tests)
2440 –  SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-60 Kit – 10 x 60 samples (600 tests)

2441 –  SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Profile-40 Kit – 10 x 40 samples (400 tests)

Kits include: 10 Gels, Cholesterol Reagent, Diluent, Citric Acid Destain, Blotters, and Applicator Blades.

SPIFE Profile Cholesterol

Cat. No. / Item / Description

3218 –  Cholesterol Profile Control – 5 x 1.0 mL

The lyophilized controls are prepared from human plasma and are assayed for HDL, LDL, and VLDL Cholesterol and Lipoprotein(a). Reconstituted controls are stable for 5 days stored at 2 to 8-C.

Additional Supplies and Equipment for SPIFE Nexus Cholesterol Procedure:

SPIFE Reagent Spreader (Cat No. 3386), REP Prep (Cat No. 3100), Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1115), Reagent Spreaders for (Cat. No. 3706), SPIFE Disposable Cups - Deep Well (Cat. No. 3360), SPIFE 20-100 Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3366), SPIFE Disposable Stainless Steel Electrodes (Cat. No. 3388).