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V8 Platinum

Intelligence at your fingertips

Built alongside the V8, Platinum 4V provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools and user-defined options essential to meet the laboratory's needs.

    • Single window management makes worklist easy to navigate
      Icon led, intuitive user interface
    • Flexibility
      Multiple user-defined clinical reports available
      Multiple search parameters with overlay capacity
    • Automation
      One click to automate sample retests
      Automatically queue all results for later analysis
    • Security
      Full control of all data sent to LIMS
      Complete reagent audit trail stored against each patient sample



    • Intuitively imports patient data from LIMS
    • 10 patient demographics and 12 chemistry values

    Future proof

    • Quick and easy upgrades as software advances
    • Expert system to identify abnormal samples


    eight channel


    Next generation eight channel capillary electrophoresis

    V8 is an eight-channel automated clinical capillary electrophoresis system intended for the preparation, separation and analysis of proteins derived from human samples, such as blood serum, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid.

    Utilizing specially designed assays, V8 provides sophisticated diagnostic information for a wide variety of inflammatory conditions and disease states, helping clinicians to monitor and treat patients for effective primary care.

    Incorporating the latest technology, V8 is an intelligent analyzer with full walk-away automation, multi-assay functionality and rapid reflex testing for fast and continuous diagnosis of multiple disease states. Certified with patented technology, V8 has set new standards in its class.



    High Throughput

    • 8 fused silica capillaries
    • Load up to 112 samples for walk away automation

    Gel Integration

    • Complete integration with Helena SAS1/3 and SPIFE
    • Automate up to 160 dilutions per hour

    Sample Handling

    • On-board cooled reagent and antisera bay
    • Custom antisera combinations

    Comprehensive assay range

    • Serum protein application
    • Immunodisplacement - 10 antisera positions for IgG/A/M/Kappa/Lambda)
    • Hb IEF - Variant analysis and quantitation in one kit*
    • CDT- Globally recognized biomarker of alcohol abuse*

    Method Handling

    • 6 on-board buffer system containers
    • Automated maintenance

    *Pre-market approval pending. August 2014



V8 Automated Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis

V8 sets new standards of excellence in Clinical Electrophoresis by revolutionizing usability and truly bringing automation to life. V8 is an integrated diagnostic system optimized for an extensive assay range for the preparation, separation and analysis of human proteins for a wide range of disease states including multiple myeloma, chronic disease states and hereditary blood disorders.

*Only serum protein and immunodisplacement assays available for sales in USA.


In Modern Laboratories Speed, Cost and Efficiency are Key

The development of capillary electrophoresis systems has brought a substantial improvement to clinical laboratories. Capillary electrophoresis platforms have the power to increase reproducibility of results by eliminating manual steps, improve separation of protein fractions and increase speed of analysis through complete automation.




    Hands-free automation.
    V8 E-Class offers unparallelled high-performance labortory automation.



    Flexible, efficient operation. Powerful and cost-effective on-board buffers and reagents.



    Powerful analytical tools. Completely unique automated gel tray preparation.

Cat. No. Item
1800 V8 Capillary Electrophoresis System (110V)
1803 V8 Immunodisplacement Kit (50 tests)
1805 V8 Serum Protein SPE Kit (500 tests)
1810 V8 SP Normal Control (10 x 2 mL)
1811 V8 SP Abnormal Control (10 x 2 mL)
1813 V8 AFSC hemo Control (1 x 1 mL)
1816 V8 ID Immuno Control
1820 V8 Clinical Waste Drawer Inserts, 50/pkg
1821 V8 Barcode Labels for SPIFE Diluent (10/pkg)
1831 V8 Storage Buffer Kit
1832 V8 Maintenance Buffer Kit

Warranty and Service Information


Method Handling

Time is Money
We understand that efficiency in modern laboratories is key.
That's why we created our method handling platform on thev8 buffer side V8 allowing our customers more hands off time.

  • All chemistries held on-board for walk-away automation
  • Fully automated buffer switching
  • Run different samples simultaneously on same rack
  • Automated assay switching and buffer replenishment
  • 4 open buffer positions and 3 system defined positions all on-board




Sample Handlingv8 ims

Streamline your workflow with automated sample handling.

  • Uninterrupted high throughput analysis
  • Load up to 112 samples at any one time and go
  • Complete audit trail accountability
  • Run up to 72 serum proteins per hour
  • Complete random access to samples
  • Barcoded samples for total traceability


v8 sample tubes



V8 Integrated Technology Solution

  • XYZ arm picks up sample and diluent for stacking
  • Diluent is contained in the on-board reagent bay
  • Separated protein fractions pass by the UV detector

1. The sample migrates by traveling into the buffer. The interface between the diluent and buffer lines up the proteins.

2. The aligned proteins are more effectively visualized by the detector resulting in higher peak efficiency, and greater clarity for clinicians.

V8 integrated