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In about two minutes, monitor Platelet Count and real Platelet Aggregation or Inhibition at the point of care using traditional ADP, collagen or Arachidonic acid agonists. All that's needed is an impedance cell counter and Plateletworks.

- Platelet Aggregation

- Platelet Inhibition

- Platelet Count


By directly monitoring the platelet's ability to form an aggregate, it's a direct measurement of the platelet's ability to contribute to a thrombus. Plateletworks can be used to monitor all mechanisms which affect platelet aggregation:

- Physiological conditions such as fibrinolytic damage to glycoprotein la

- Aspirin and ADP inhibitors (clopidogrel, ticlopene)

- Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors (abciximab, eptifibatide, tirofiban)

- Plus Arachidonic Acid agonist is the only aspirin screening assay suitable for patients on both clopidogrel and aspirin


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The POPULAR trial put Plateletworks- on the short list of platelet function assays that actually work to catch non-responders to the anti-platelet drug-Plavix- (clopidogrel) at higher risk for cardiovascular events. Plateletworks can be used anytime there are general concerns about the effect of drug therapies on platelet function. Turnaround is about 5--minutes using traditional agonists including ADP, collagen and arachidonic acid and a standard impedance cell counter. Plateletworks is much more cost-effective than other platelet function assays as well. Contact us for more information or an in-lab demonstration.
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Plateletworks by the Numbers



    Plateletworks makes sense not only from a technologic viewpoint, but from a cost containment and blood conservation view as well. Plateletworks provides % inhibition, % Aggregation and CBC using ADP, Collagen or Arachadonic Acid agonists in 2 minutes.



    The reimbursement margin for the Plateletworks assay is $15.83. Cost per test for Plateletworks ADP is $14.60 USB and the 2012 average National Reimbursement Limit for CPT Code 85576 is $30.43 USB. That leaves a favorable reimbursement margin of $15.83.


    50% Reduction

    50% - That's the reduction in platelet usage documented in a retrospective 6 month study of platelet usage using Plateletworks data to guide transfusion decisions. Blood products are precious commodity not to mention the $500 a unit cost for platelets.