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Zip Zone- and Titan- IV Applicator System

  • Zip Zone Applicator
Cat. No. Item
4080 Zip Zone Applicator, 1/pkg
4081 Zip Zone Sample Well Plate, 1/pkg
4082 Zip Zone Aligning Base, 1/pkg
4083 Titan IV Aligning Base, 1/pkg
5090 Zip Zone Prep, 1 x 60 mL
Zip Zone Applicator System is used with Titan IV Citrate Agar Hemoglobin Electrophoresis. Plastic tips apply samples uniformly without cutting agar. Titan IV Aligning Base allows two off-center applications for a total of 16 samples. Use Zip Zone Prep to clean applicator tips.


5 μL Microdispenser

  • Microdispenser
Cat. No. Item
6008 5 μL Microdispenser, 1 dispenser, 100 bores
6010 Glass Bores, 100/pkg

Microdispenser features precision stainless steel plunger and disposable glass bores. Aluminum "collars" allow dispensing from 1 to 5 μL, in 1 μL increments.

Sample Application Devices


  • Apllicators

Cat No. 4088

Super Z, Super Z-12, Super CK, and Macro Z applicators are used with Titan III cellulose acetate. Tips are photo-etched stainless steel and independently suspended to eliminate application artifacts. The only pressure exerted on the cellulose acetate is the weight of the tip. Super Z and Z-12 applicators hold 0.25 μL of sample; Super CK applicator holds 0.5 μL. Super Z and Super CK applicators apply 8 samples simultaneously, Super Z-12 applies 12 samples. Macro Z applicator, available in 4-sample or 6-sample size, provides a wider electrophoresis pattern. Use Zip Zone Prep (Cat. No. 5090) to clean tip.


  • Applicator kit

Cat No. 4087

Applicator Applicator Kit* Applicator Sample Well Plate Aligning Base Replacement Tips
- System 1/pkg 2/pkg 1/pkg 2/pkg
- Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No.
Super Z 4088 4084 4085 4086 4087
Super Z-12 4093 4090 4096 4094 4087
Super CK - - - 4094 -
Macro Z (6)

*Includes applicator, 2 sample well plates, aligning base and a bottle of Zip Zone Prep.


Dialamatic Microdispenser

  • Dilamatic microdispenser
Cat. No. Item
6210 10 μL Microdispenser, 1 mL increments-
6211 10 μL Dialamatic Tubes, 100/pkg
6225 25 μL Microdispenser, 1 mL increments-
6226 25 μL Dialamatic Tubes, 100/pkg
6250 50 μL Microdispenser, 2 mL increments-
6251 50 μL Dialamatic Tubes, 100/pkg
6276 100 μL Microdispenser, 100/pkg

Dialamatic Microdispensers feature: sample preset, stainless steel plunger (10 mL unit), replaceable plunger tips (25, 50, and 100 mL units), precision glass disposable bores, - 1% volumetric tolerance.

Cat. No. Item Description
6228 Parts Kit for 25 μL Microdispenser 3 Teflon tips, 1 plunger, 2 o-rings,
  1 collet, 1 coil spring &-1 spring guide
6253 Parts Kit for 50 μL Microdispenser 3 Teflon tips, 1 plunger, 2 o-rings,
1 collet, 1 coil spring &-1 spring guide