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Plateletworks - Platelet Function Kits

Helena Plateletworks

In about two minutes, monitor Platelet Count and real Platelet Aggregation or Inhibition at the point of care using traditional ADP, collagen or Arachidonic acid agonists. All that's needed is an impedance cell counter and Plateletworks.

- Platelet Aggregation

- Platelet Inhibition

- Platelet Count


By directly monitoring the platelet's ability to form an aggregate, it's a direct measurement of the platelet's ability to contribute to a thrombus. Plateletworks can be used to monitor all mechanisms which affect platelet aggregation:

- Physiological conditions such as fibrinolytic damage to glycoprotein la

- Aspirin and ADP inhibitors (clopidogrel, ticlopene)

- Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors (abciximab, eptifibatide, tirofiban)

- Plus Arachidonic Acid agonist is the only aspirin screening assay suitable for patients on both clopidogrel and aspirin

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Mindray BC-3600 Impedance Cell Counter

The Mindray BC-3600 for Plateletworks platelet function and general hematology testing at the point of care provides a hematology profile with a standard CBC, as well as platelet count and platelet aggregation/inhibition in under five minutes. Testing is simple. Just add whole blood to an EDTA baseline reagent tube and your choice of agonist tubes and run a standard cell count. It’s that simple. Plateletworks can be used to screen for anything affecting platelet function.

- Calculates % inhibition and % aggregation for Plateletworks

- CBC, differential and functional platelet count

- 60 samples per hour

- Touch screen interface

- Closed tube sampling

For ease of use, Mindray BC-3600 offers cap piercing capability, reagent inventory management and supports use of a keyboard, barcode scanner and printer.

Mindray Technical Specifications:

Parameters: WBC, Lymph#, Mid#, Gran#, Lymph%, Mid%, Gran%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, MPV and histograms for WBC, RBC, PLT
Principles: Electrical impedance method for cell counting and Cyanide - free for hemoglobin
Sample Volume:
Prediluted 20 uL
Whole Blood 21 uL
Throughput: 60 samples per hour
Display: Large color touch screen. Resolution: 800 x 600
Connectivity: 4 USB ports (for external printer, software upgrade, barcode reader, keyboard and mouse), LAN port (1), RS232 (1)
Printout: Thermal recorder, 50mm width paper, various printout formats, external printer (optional)
Operating Environment:
Temperature: 15°C~30°C
Humidity: 30% ~ 85%
Power requirement: AC 100-240V, 50/60±1Hz
Dimensions: 16"W x 18"H x 18"D
Weight: 62 lbs.


Cat. No. Item
5884 Diluent Solution for BC-3600 (20L)
5885 Rinse Solution for BC-3600 (2 x 5.5L)
5886 Lyse Reagent for BC-3600 (500mL)
5887 Tri-Level Control for BC-3600
5888 Calibrator for BC-3600
5889 Thermal paper for BC-3600 (5 rolls)
5881 Diluent Solution for BC-3600 (2 x 5.5L)
5890 Mindray BC-3600 Analyzer
5893 Probe Cleanser for Mindray BC-3600 (1 x 17mL)
1196 Consolidated Service for Mindray BC-3600 Analyzer