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TITAN GEL Serum Protein Kit

    Quickgel Chamber
Cat. No. Item Description
3041 TITAN GEL Serum Protein Kit 10 x 10 samples/gel

Kits include: 10 Gels, Serum Protein Buffer, Amido Black Stain, Templates, Blotters.

Five-band protein separation is quick and easy with the TlTAN GEL System. Ten samples may be run on each gel. Fixing and staining of proteins is accomplished in one step. The complete procedure requires less than 40 minutes. Kit contains all necessary gels and reagents.







TITAN GEL Protein Electrophoresis

The key roles which serum proteins play in bodily functions and the relative ease of separating them by electrophoresis, make their determination a valuable diagnostic tool as well as a way to monitor clinical progress. Total serum protein levels and serum protein electrophoresis should be included in every laboratory work-up on a patient. There is no other single procedure, or even group of procedures, that is capable of detecting so broad a spectrum of disease states or is as indicative of the degree of health as serum protein electrophoresis.



Serum Protein Electrophoresis Control

    Quickgel Chamber
Cat. No. Item Description
5136 SPE Control 1 x 2 mL

The control is for qualitative and/or quantitative use in agarose serum protein electrophoresis. It is a stabilized liquid prepared from human serum and assayed for total protein, albumin, alpha1, alpha2, beta and gamma globulins.

For SPIFE Serum Protein assays, order Cat. No. 3424 or 3425.