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TITAN GEL CK Isoenzymes

Electrophoresis is the reference method for assessing CK isoenzymes. There's practically no cross-reactivity and no false positives due to atypical isoenzymes or carryover from high total activity samples. Electrophoresis provides comprehensive information on CK-MM, CK-MB and CK-BB, resulting in greater accuracy in interpretation and efficiency in test performance. Resolution is excellent and test results, including scanning, are complete in less than one hour.


CK/LD Isoenzyme Control

    CK LD Isoenzyme Control
Cat. No. Item Description
5134 CK/LD Isoenzyme Control 5 x 2 mL

Prepared with murine tissue extract and human serum, control is for quantitative and/or qualitative use in conventional agarose electrophoresis of CK and LD isoenzymes (3 CK and 5 LD isoenzymes present). Reconstituted control is stable 5 days at -20-C.
Also for use with SPIFE CK and LD and assays.
Remember: TITAN GEL Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber (Cat. No. 4062).