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TITAN III Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis


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Acetate Membranes


Lipoprotein Stain

    Lipoprotein Control
Cat. No. Item
5322 Lipoprotein Stain, 1 x 2.8 g

Used in conjunction with Titan III Lipo cellulose acetate, this stain is consistently reproducible and testing easily performed. To use, dissolve powdered stain in 1.0 liter methanol.


Titan III Cellulose Acetate and HR Buffer for Lipoproteins

    Titan III Cellulose Acetate
Cat. No. Item -
3900 Titan III Lipo Cellulose Acetate, 60 x 76 mm -
5805 Electra HR Buffer, 10/pkg

Titan III Lipo membranes are cellulose acetate support media used for lipoprotein phenotyping. Membranes are available in three sizes and are packaged 25 per box. Electra HR Buffer is a tris-barbital/sodium barbital buffer for use in the separation of lipoproteins by cellulose acetate electrophoresis.

TITAN III Lipoproteins

Hyperlipidemia is symptomatic of a group of disorders dissimilar in clinical features, prognosis, and responsiveness to treatment. Since treatment of hyperlipidemia varies with the different phenotypes, it is absolutely necessary that the correct phenotype be established before therapy is begun.
When subjected to electrophoresis, lipoproteins separate into alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoproteins and on occasion, chylomicrons appear as a distinct band. Most cholesterol is transported by the beta lipoproteins and most endogenous triglyceride is carried by pre-beta lipoproteins.
Lipoprotein Assay Time: approximately 50 minutes.

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SPIFE Lipoproteins


Lipoprotein Control

    Lipoprotein Control
Cat. No. Item
5069 LipoTrol, 5 x 1 mL

LipoTrol fills the need for a reliable control for lipoprotein electrophoresis. It contains alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoprotein bands with the relative percent of each band provided. LipoTrol is prepared from human serum and is for use with both the cellulose acetate and agarose systems. Reconstituted control is stable 3 days at 2 to 6-C.