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TITAN III Acetate Membranes

Titan III Cellulose Acetate is used for all types of electrophoresis, from routine clinical separations to research procedures. The resolution of Titan III surpasses the resolution of other cellulose acetates due to its hyper-gel structure which both lubricates the pore openings and depresses the buffer movement. Consequently, diffusion is reduced, fractions are separated faster, and resolution is improved. Titan III has been optimized for specific electrophoresis assays. You should use the type of Titan III which is designed for the electrophoresis assay you are performing.


Titan III Cellulose Acetate Membranes

Plate Type Cat. No. Size Package
Titan III 3013 76 x 25 mm 25/box
See Serum Proteins 3023 60 x 76 mm 25/box
  3024 94 x 76 mm 25/box
  3033 76 x 76 mm 100/box
Titan III-H 3021 94 x 76 mm 25/box
See Hemoglobins 3022 60 x 76 mm 25/box
Titan III Lipo 3900 60 x 76 mm 25/box