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QuickScan 2000

What you see is what you get.What you see is the image of the patient pattern on the display for ease in editing. What you get is that image on the full color printed report too, as well as the densitometric data.
For ease of editing, cursor movements on the densitometric tracing are also reflected at the corresponding point on the patient pattern. Patients can be monitored over time by retrieving and overlaying previous results for comparison. Both are a tremendous help when it comes to interpretation.

quickscan report

Nice full-color presentation demonstrates patient results, pattern image and quantitation in choice of units.








QuickScan 2000 with Windows-

From the leader in clinical densitometry comes QuickScan 2000. The Windows-based QuickScan 2000 uses flat-bed densitometry to image visible electrophoretic analytes on agarose, acetate or L/S plates with the speed of Windows and the ease of Helena technology. Just place the finished gel onto the alignment guide and start scanning. An entire plate of up to 100 samples is imaged in mere seconds.

QuickScan 2000 is customized to meet your laboratories' needs with a choice of printers and scanners.


  • QuickScan 2000 with Windows

Simple to Use -
Operators can master operation in minutes. There are no slits to select, no wavelength to choose.

Easy Scanning -
Scan begin and end are easily marked while viewing image of entire gel.



  • Quickgel Chamber

Auto Editing -
Cholesterol scan editing is automatically performed via intelligent software.

Pick a Beta -
Choose quantitation of the split beta as one or two fractions.

QuickScan 2000 Data Features

  • QuickScan 2000 Data features

Positive ID -
Barcoded gels allow positive ID from patient tube to final results. When integrated with the Sample Handler, the QuickScan 2000 can download worklists created from barcoded patient samples.

Customized Reports -
6 pre-programed reports available plus any number of user-defined report formats can be stored for ready use.


  • Quickscan 2000 data features

Customized Interpretive Analysis-
Build your own decision limits and interpretive comments library, making reporting results a snap. Comments can be automatically added for "normals" and coded for quick retrieval.

Network Capability -
Patterns can be viewed and edited over the LAN.

10,000 Gel Archive-
Easy retrieval, search and sort features.


QuickScan 2000 with Windows- Specifications

Optics: Flat-bed document scanner
Scan Speed: 100 samples in 12 seconds
Scan Length: From 0.01 to 221.5 mm
Media: Agarose gels and cellulose acetate (TLC with optional scanner)
Scan Modes: Automatic, manual
Scan/Edit Features: Auto/manual fraction selection, reference overlay, baseline adjustment, delete area. Auto edit for cholesterol profile.
Automatic Data Analysis: Analog curve (printed with or without reference overlay), fractions, relative % and/or units, integral count, one or two ratios, high and low out-of-range indicators, and total
Patient Demographics: Up to 10 user-definable demographic labels such as, Patient Name, Birth Date, Patient Age, Sex, etc.
Fraction Names: Up to 10 labeled fractions; defaults to numbered fractions if a label is not defined
Reference Ranges: User-definable for total and each fraction, including ranges based on age and/or sex
Ratios: User may define the ratio of any fraction to any other fraction or to the total
Total Chemistry Value: Entered by user or automatic calculation using internal standard mode
Comments: User may enter up to 10 lines of comments (76 characters per line) per patient
Microprocessor: PC-compatible, Microsoft - Windows- 2000 or XP based operating system
Computer Interface: RS232, ASCII and ASTM import protocols

Electrical Specifications

Input Power: 120 Vac, 1000 Watts, 50/60 Hz, Grounded


Physical Specifications

(Height x Width x Depth)
Scanner: < or equal to 8 x 13 x 22 in (20 x 33 x 56 cm)
Computer, Color Monitor & Keyboard: 22 x 18 x 24 in (56 x 48 x 61 cm)
Printer: 10 x 14 x 14 in (26 x 36 x 36 cm)
Total Weight: 73 lbs (33 kg)
Environment: 15- to 27-C (59- to 81-F)

QuickScan 2000 and Accessories

Cat. No. Item


QuickScan 2000 (110V)
Specified choice of scanner and printer; plus CPU, keyboard, mouse, operator’s manual, NDDC, Step Tablet, and security key
1664 Remote QuickScan 2000 Software Install & Training
1665 Interface Cable for Electrophoresis Sample Handler/QS 2000
1666 Pos ID Barcode Labels (pkg of 1000)
1667 Barcode Reader & Cabling for ESH & QS2000
1669 Pos ID Barcode Readers and Cabling (3 sets)
1672 Flat Screen Monitor for QuickScan 2000
1031 Neutral Density Densitometer Control for QuickScan
1047 Optical Density Step Tablet (10-step)
1422 Laser Printer for Quick Scan 2000
1424 Toner Cartridge for Brother 1240 or.1440 Laser Printer (REP 3, CS3, QS2000)
1425 Drum for Brother 1240 Laser Printer (REP 3, CS3, QS2000)

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