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QuickGel Lipoprotein

QuickGels allow small-volume laboratories to perform lipoprotein pnenotype testing with excellent separation of alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoproteins, as well as chylomicrons. Samples are stained using a traditional lipoprotein stain, Fat Red 7B. Stained bands may be visually inspected for qualitative results or may be quantitated using QuickScan 2000 or a scanning densitometer at 525 nm.





QuickGel Lipoprotein for QuickGel Chamber

Cat. No. Item Description
3544T QuickGel Lipoprotein Kit 10 x 10 samples

Kit includes: 10 QuickGel Lipoprotein Gels, Lipoprotein Stain, 10 QuickGel Blotters A and C, 20 QuickGel Blotter X, 10 QuickGel Templates,
For SPIFE QuickGel Lipoprotein Kit, see Cat No 3444.




QuickGel Chamber

The QuickGel Chamber features a cooled electrophoresis platen and built-in carbon electrodes. The cooled platen prevents protein degradation and provides crisp separations. Just set a QuickGel in place and close the lid to begin electrophoresis.

The QuickGel Chamber also serves as a dryer by simply changing out the lid and has a tiny 8.5" x 10.5" footprint.

Cat. No. Item
1284 QuickGel Chamber
9107 Service Manual for QuickGel Chamber



Lipoprotein Control

Cat. No. Item Description
5069 LipoTrol 5 x 1 mL

LipoTrol fills the need for a reliable commercial control for lipoprotein electrophoresis. It contains alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoprotein bands. The relative percent of each band is assayed. The control is prepared from human serum. Reconstituted control is stable 3 days at 2 to 8-C.



Easy to Use, Manual System

The QuickGel Chamber and Titan Plus Power Supply are designed for cost-effective separations with QuickGels. QuickGel electrophoresis products are compact and easy-to-use, allowing cost-effective manual separation without sacrificing quality or accuracy.



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