Helena is pleased to provide procedural package inserts in a digital format, editable by the user. By downloading these procedures your institution is assuming responsibility for their modification and usage. Complete specifications and requirements are contained in a READ ME file included with the download. To download, simply click the desired link below. You will be prompted to choose a location for saving the downloaded file to your local drive.

If you need a procedure insert not available here please call 1-800-231-5663.

Point of Care Procedures

Actalyke ACT

ACTALYKE Clotting Time Test System Procedure, Pro186 Rev 11 (Text) (Pdf)
ACTALYKE QC Kit, Cat. No. AQC-HP Procedure, F399-008 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
ACTALYKE QC Kit, Cat. No. AQC-LP Procedure, F399-009 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
MAX-ACT Activated Clotting Time Test Procedure, Pro 187 Rev 10 (Text) (Pdf)


Plateletworks ADP and Collagen Procedure, Pro 190 Rev 10 (Text) (Pdf)
Plateletworks Arachidonic Acid Procedure, Pro 119 Rev 6 (Text) (Pdf)

Cascade Abrazo

Cascade Abrazo c-ACT Test Card Procedure, Pro 206 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo c-ACT Controls Procedure, F:399-032 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo c-ACT-LR Test Card Procedure, Pro 216 Rev 5(Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo c-ACT-LR Controls Procedure, F:399-036 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo PT-WB Test Card Procedure, Pro 209 Rev 6 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo PT-WB Controls Procedure, F:399-031 Rev 5 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo aPTT Test Card Procedure, Pro 208 Rev 6 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo aPTT Controls Procedure, F:399-033 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo PT-C Test Card Procedure, Pro 207 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo PT-C Controls Procedure, F:399-029 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Cascade Abrazo Electronic QC Procedure, (EQC) Test Card, Pro 211 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)