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Helena Procedural Package Inserts

Helena is pleased to provide procedural package inserts in a digital format, editable by the user. By downloading these procedures your institution is assuming responsibility for their modification and usage. Complete specifications and requirements are contained in a READ ME file included with the download.

To download, simply click the desired link below. You will be prompted to choose a location for saving the downloaded file to your local drive. If you need a procedure insert not available here please call 1-800-231-5663.


Electrophoresis Procedures

Point of Care Procedures

Hemostasis Procedures

Occult Blood Procedures

Other Procedures


Hemostasis Procedures

Helena Hemostasis Assays

aPTT-SA, Pro 60 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)
Arachidonic Acid Reagent, Pro 50 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)
Factor Deficient Substrate Plasmas II, V, VII, X, Pro 62 Rev 8 (Text) (Pdf)
Factor VIII Deficient Substrate Plasma, Pro 68 Rev 3 (Pdf)
Factor IX Deficient Substrate Plasma, Pro 69 Rev 3 (Pdf)
Factor XI Deficient Substrate Plasma, Pro 71 Rev 5 (Text) (Pdf)
Factor XII Deficient Substrate Plasma, Pro 72 Rev 3 (Pdf)
Fibrinogen Assay Kit, Pro 88 Rev 5 (Text)(Pdf)
Free and Total Protein S ELISA Kit, Pro 21 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Monoclonal Free Protein S ELISA Kit, Pro 184 Rev 2 (Text) (Pdf)
Platelet Aggregation Reagents, Pro 63 Rev 7 (Text) (Pdf)
Protein C Antigen Rocket EID Method, Pro 87 Rev 7 (Text) (Pdf)
Protein S Antigen Rocket EID Method, Pro 132 Rev 5 (Text) (Pdf)
Protein C ELISA Kit, Pro 2 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)





What you will need: Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher.




Ristocetin Assay, Pro 38 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)
Ristocetin Cofactor Assay (Cat No 5356), Pro 167 Rev 4 (Text) (Pdf)
Ristocetin Cofactor Assay (Cat No 5370), Pro 64 Rev 5 (Text) (Pdf)
Scale Set Solutions for PACKS-4 Chromogenics, F399-76 Rev 3 (Pdf)
Scale Set Solutions for PACKS-4 Platelet Assays, F399-74 Rev 6 (Pdf)
Thrombin Clotting Time Reagent, Pro 59 Rev 1 (Pdf)
Thromboplastin LI Prothrombin Time Reagent, Pro 121 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)
von Willebrand Factor ELISA Kit, Pro 14 Rev 3 (Text) (Pdf)
von Willebrand Factor Antigen Rocket EIA Method, Pro 28 Rev 8 (Text) (Pdf)