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Helena Plastics is the disposable plastics subsidiary of Helena Laboratories. We supply patented and proprietary clinical laboratory disposables directly to clinicians at labs and hospitals in the United States. Our focus is to provide you with unique solutions that are cost effective and help you be more productive. To save on all your lab's plastics, call direct to the manufacturer, Helena Plastics. Toll free 1-800-227-1727 or visit www.helenaplastics.com.


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Tip-Top Dispenser-

  • pt and aptt fibrinogen assays

Tip Tops are cone-shaped, flexible polyethylene caps designed to fit 13 and 16 mm blood collection tubes, serum separating columns and other 13 and 16 mm vials. Filtered Tip Tops have a built-in membrane to remove fibrin clots and other particulates for trouble-free analysis with auto analyzers. A small opening at the top that allows you to dispense straight from the tube into sample cups. Specimens and reagents remain covered at all times, reducing the risk of accidental spills and exposure to infectious agents. One Tip Top can be used to dispense the same fluid again and again, eliminating the need for multiple transfer pipets.

Tip Tops are available only from Helena Plastics. Call toll free 800-227-1727. From outside the U.S. call 001-415-456-0100.


Tip-Top Order Information

Cat. No. Item Color/Description
5-6511-800 Tip Tops for all 13 mm tubes, 1000 items Natural with filter
5-6512-800 Tip Tops for all 16 mm tubes, 1000 items Natural with filter
5-6507-800 Tip Tops for standard separating columns* Natural
- *For flanged serum separating columns -
- use 13 mm Tip Tops -
5-6516-807 Closures for Tip Tops Blue, for filtered Tip Tops