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Helena Plastics is the disposable plastics subsidiary of Helena Laboratories. We supply patented and proprietary clinical laboratory disposables directly to clinicians at labs and hospitals in the United States. Our focus is to provide you with unique solutions that are cost effective and help you be more productive. To save on all your lab's plastics, call direct to the manufacturer, Helena Plastics. Toll free 1-800-227-1727 or visit www.helenaplastics.com.


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Security Specimen System

  • security specimen

When testing for drugs of abuse, proof of a controlled chain of custody is paramount. The Security Specimen System helps you prove sample integrity and chain of custody providing sealed packaging, a one-way locking cap, a leak-proof container and documents for recording chain of custody. Each container is individually wrapped in a factory-sealed package to prevent contamination prior to specimen collection. After collection, closing the cup permanently locks the cap in place. The cap cannot be removed without evidence of tampering. The extra tight seal, factory tested to 15 psi, prevents leakage, even in air cargo compartments and pneumatic tube transfer systems. The Security Specimen System is ideal for drugs of abuse testing and forensic analysis - anytime specimen integrity is critical. Other package configurations are available.

Form No. Item
5-4040-440 Security Specimen System, 100 cups and lids, 2 keys



P-Splitter II - New Design

  • security specimen

P-Splitter is a simple, but effective, device that accurately divides urine specimens collected over a 24-hour period, directing aliquots into two separate containers with appropriate preservatives.
Now featuring a new interlocking design and shorter stature, the P-Splitter II is sturdier and much less likely to tip over during the collection process. New packaging offers options of purchasing P-Splitter II assembled as a single set or in a case of 4 sets, or unassembled in the 5-set bulk pack. Whatever you choose, 24 hour urine collections have never been easier.

Form No. Item
5-4010-110-010 P-Splitter II, Assembled, 1/case
5-4010-420-010 P-Splitter II, Assembled, 4/case
5-4010-920-010 P-Splitter II, Unassembled, 5/case

Security Specimen System and P-Splitter are available only from Helena Plastics.
Call toll free in USA 800-227-1727. From outside the USA call 001-415-456-0100.