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Helena Plastics is the disposable plastics subsidiary of Helena Laboratories. We supply patented and proprietary clinical laboratory disposables directly to clinicians at labs and hospitals in the United States. Our focus is to provide you with unique solutions that are cost effective and help you be more productive. To save on all your lab's plastics, call direct to the manufacturer, Helena Plastics. Toll free 1-800-227-1727 or visit www.helenaplastics.com.


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The new C-Pette- makes delivering sample into the test cards and cassettes used by point of care analyzers easy and efficient. Since there is no need to open the primary sample tube, risk of biohazard exposure is reduced. C-Pettes- are ideal for use with the Abbott i-STAT- test cartridges.


Using C-Pette

Re-suspend cells just prior to dispensing by gently inverting the collection tube as needed.


    Step 1...

    Grasp the primary blood collection tube by the plastic skirt covering the rubber stopper and insert the metal cannula thru the stopper.


    Step 2...

    Place the C-Pette dropper tip into the cassette loading port.


    Step 3...

    Push down and release to completely fill cassette reservoir. If a larger sample volume is required, repeat push and release of tube.

C-Pettes are available from Helena Plastics
Toll free 1-800-227-1727 - www.helenaplastics.com