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Labcon North America

Helena’s subsidiary, Labcon North America offers a wide range of state-of-the-art disposable plastics including POC dispensers, such as H-Pette, C-Pette and U-Pette, leakproof urine cups, centrifuge tubes and a wide range of pipette tips.


Avantor-VWR presented Labcon with their highest supplier honor by awarding Labcon "Supplier of the Year" for performance in 2017. 


H-Pette and H-Pette II Dispenser

Until now, there was really no alternative to differential slide preparation but two glass slides, a drop of blood from a capillary tube or pipette and a technician's skilled hands.

Helena's new H-Pette offers a new approach to slide preparation that eliminates the hazards of open tubes of blood and cuts consumption of slides and transfer pipettes. In addition to saving dollars on disposables, increased efficiency and safety are key benefits.




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To save on all your lab's plastics, call direct to the manufacturer, LabCon North America.
Toll free 1-800-227-1466 or visit www.labcon.com.



H-Pette is available through Helena Laboratories, toll free 800-231-5663.

Just insert the H-Pette into the stopper of any size blood collection tube, invert tube and transfer the drop of blood to a glass slide. Rotate the tube and use the attached paddle to make your smears just as you would with a slide. The H-Pette remains in place in the stopper and is disposed with the tube as a biohazard. It can also be easily removed if necessary. H-Pettes are also available without blades and are ideal for transferring sample to test cassettes and slides.


Cat. No. Item
3611 H-Pette without Blade, 1000 pieces
3612 H-Pette with Blade, 1000 pieces
3613 H-Pette remover, 1/pkg
3615 H-Pette II (No Blade, Metal Cannula) 1000 pieces


STEP 1: Place H-Pette’s cannula in the center of the stopper of the collection tube. Gently press until the cannula completely penetrates the septum. The tube is now ready for use.
Caution: Cannula is sharp; care should be taken in handling.

STEP 2: Invert tube at an angle as shown (blade side up, if bladed). Gently press the round edge of the H-Pette to the glass slide to transfer sample to the slide.

STEP 3: (H-Pettes with Blade) Rotate tube to turn paddle side down. Grasp the circular disc as shown and use the paddle to make a smear just as you would a glass slide. A 15-25- angle of incidence gives optimum results. H-Pette can be removed or disposed with the collection tube.