In what city did you attend a Focus Group meeting?





City? State? Zip?



Electrophoresis Technology

Which is more suitable to your laboratory's needs? Gel Capillary Both

What are your "must-have" features?

Versatility Affordability Automation Durability


Which holds more value to you for characterizing monoclonal proteins? Throughput Sensitivity

Would you like more information or a demonstration?

Touch Series Nexus CE SPIFE Nexus

Any suggestions to improve Helena's electrophoresis technology?

Myeloma Testing

Has any area of your laboratory experienced interference from mAb therapy?

Blood Bank Electrophoresis Other No

Would patient tracking software be helpful to your patient population? Yes No Maybe

Would a web-based Q&A be helpful to your staff? Yes No Maybe

Any changes or suggestions?

Alpha1 Antitrypsin, Oligoclonal Banding, Lp(a) Particle Counts

Which of these assays does your laboratory perform in-house?

A1AT Oligoclonal Banding Particle Counts None Don't Know

Does your laboratory send any of these test requests to a reference laboratory?

A1AT Oligoclonal Banding Particle Counts None Don't Know

Clinical Trial Site

Would your laboratory be interested in particiating in clinical trials?

Yes No Maybe

Plateletworks Platelet Function Testing

What assay does your institution use to monitor transfusion resources or antiplatelet therapies?

Where would the Plateletworks Point of Care assay be used in your institution?

Catheterization Lab Neurology Surgery Emergency Department Other

Would you like:

Plateletworks Sample Kit Demonstration of Plateletworks and Mindray BC-3600?

Actalyke Activated Clotting Time

Does your institution use "gold standard" ACT tubes for heparin monitoring? Yes No

Would single or mixed agonist tubes be preferred?

Celite Kaolin Glass Bead MAX-ACT Multi activator

What features of the Actalyke Ultra do you find most advantageous?

Connectivity Administrative Software Large, upright LED monitor Other

Any changes or suggestions?

Helena Plastics Products

Would you like:

More information


on any plastics products?

Focus Group Evaluation

Any other comments or ideas you'd like to share?

Bonus Materials - Books & Maps

I would like a copy of Ann Golias' book, "Hoping for the Best."

I would like a Waldseemüller's 1507 World Map: Blue Purple Sepia