V8 capillary


REP and REP 3 Accessories

REP Preparation solutions, REP Prepper

Cat. No. Item Description
3100 REP Prep Solution 1 x 250 mL

SUREprep is a priming agent for REP applicator tips, ensuring precise sample application. It's also a cleaning agent for the tips. REP Prep is a wetting agent applied to the floor of the electrophoresis chamber to promote complete contact between gel and chamber floor. The dispenser bottles make it easy to apply SUREprep and deionized water; packaged to provide one dispenser each for SUREprep and deionized water. REP Prepper is a device for air-drying the pre-cut sample wells in REP gels. Sample wells must be free of moisture when samples are applied in order to maintain precise sample absorption.


REP and REP 3 Accessories and Replacement Parts

Cat. No. Item Description
1044 DZA Replacement Lamp for REP-(not for REP 3) 1/pkg
1361 REP/SPIFE Contact Sheets 5/pkg
1362 REP Gel Staining Dish-- 10/pkg
1364 Replacement REP Pipette Assembly -


REP and REP 3 Electrodes, Reagent Spreaders

(Not interchangeable between REP and REP 3)

Cat. No. Item Description
1349 REP IEF (Isoelectric Focusing) Electrodes & Adapters 3 electrodes, 2 adapters
1360 REP Electrodes 2/pkg
1363 REP Glass Rods (for ALP, LD, HDL) 2/pkg
3387 Applicator Blade Weights (for SPIFE, REP) 3/pkg
3706 Reagent Spreaders for SPIFE 2/pkg
3704 SPIFE/REP 3 IFE Electrodes & Adapters 3/electrodes, 2 adapters
3709 SPIFE Replacement Electrodes 2/pkg


Printer Supplies and Diskettes for REP Analyzers

Cat. No. Item Description
1424 Toner Cartridge for Brother 1240 or 1440 Laser Printer- 1/pkg
1425 Drum for Brother 1240 Laser Printer 1/pkg
1465 Toner Cartridge for Brother HL-630 Laser Printer 1/pkg 1/pkg