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Titan- and TITAN GEL- Plastic Envelopes

  • Titan envelopes
Cat. No. Item
5052 Titan Envelopes, 121 x 64 mm, 200/pkg
5053 Titan Envelopes, 115 x 102 mm, 100/pkg
5054 TITAN GEL Envelopes, 86 x 156 mm, 100/pkg

These clear plastic envelopes, with convenient overlapping sleeve, enable you to store completed electrophoresis membranes and gels without scratching or tearing. They afford ideal protection for both completed TITAN III cellulose acetate and TITAN GEL agarose gels. Cat. No. 5054 can be used with Iso-Dot and Multi-Slot gels.


Helena- Marker

  • Helena Marker
Cat. No. Item
5000 Helena Marker, 1/pkg

The Helena Marker can be used to write identifying information on the support side of cellulose acetate membranes and agarose gels. Will not wash off in most solvents.


Helena- Glue Stick

  • Helena glue stick
Cat. No. Item
5002 Glue Stick, 1/pkg

The Glue Stick is an easy-to-use adhesive for mounting densitometric tracings on the report forms.


Miscellaneous Electrophoresis Supplies

Micropreparation Dish

  • micropreparation dish
Cat. No. Item
8003 Micropreparation Dish, 1/pkg

The micropreparation dish is convenient for preparing samples for hemoglobin procedures and fetal lung maturity testing by TLC. It is constructed of chemically resistant nylon. Eight separate sample areas accommodate volumes of 1 mL or less. The conical shape assures easy access to entire sample solution.


Identification Labels

  • identification labels
Cat. No. Item
5006 Titan ID Labels, 121 x 64 mm, 200/pkg

Titan ID Labels are convenient, pressure-sensitive identification labels for Titan III membranes. Simply press label onto edge of membrane or Titan Plastic Envelope to provide a paper surface on which to identify the sample.


CliniScan 2, CliniScan 3, EDC Accessories, Parts and Service

Cat. No. Item
1044 DZA Replacement Lamp for REP, EDC, CliniScan 2
1047 Optical Density Step Tablet, 1/pkg


Neutral Density Densitometer Controls










Cat. No. Item
1031 Neutral Density Densitometer Control for QuickScan

The NDDC can be used to verify densitometer accuracy. The NDDC provides a test scan with known values for 5 fractions. To use, scan the NDDC as you would an electrophoresis pattern. The values obtained should correlate to the printed values for each fraction.


Neutral Density Densitometer Controls

  • optical density step tablet
Cat. No. Item
1047 Optical Density Step Tablet (10-step)

The Optical Density Step Tablet is a valuable tool for checking the linearity of a densitometer and for estimating the optical density of electrophoresis and TLC fractions.