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Incubation Chamber and Development Weight

Incubation Chamber

  • Titan Gel Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber
Cat. No. Item
4062 TITAN-GEL Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber, 1/pkg

The TITAN-GEL Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber is 171 x 89 x 6 mm and holds one gel. It maintains adequate humidity during the incubation process when running TITAN GEL CK and LD isoenzyme and ImmunoFix procedures.


Development Weight

  • Development weight
Cat. No. Item
5014 Development Weight, 102 x 108 mm, 1/pkg

The Development Weight can be used to press agarose gels. The weight also provides a constant surface temperature for incubating cellulose acetate membranes. Membranes are sandwiched between a prewarmed weight and a glass slide, then placed in incubator.