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Educational Videos

We are happy to provide educational videos as one way to keep you informed of the latest developments in laboratory medicine at Helena Laboratories. Video CDs of these presentations are available for offline viewing at no charge to medical professionals. For more information, contact Marketing Support at literature@helena.com or call 800-231-5663.

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Myeloma Module Demo

No more schlepping piles, files and notebooks around! The new Myeloma Module for QuickScan Touch is a gamechanger for reviewing and reporting SPE and IFE patient results. More info: www.helena.com/quickscantouch




QuickScan Touch Export to Excel

‘How do I export data from my QuickScan to Excel?’ Our technical support staff hear this question fairly frequently. It is often very helpful to to export electrophoresis data from the QuickScan densitometer data store to Microsoft Excel. Laboratories often need to perform this function when performing validation studies, for quality control analysis and record keeping and for performing advanced statistical analysis. This last function also lends itself well to research use. View video below or click here to download high resolution video.



Lp(a) & Coronary Artery Disease

What's your Lp(a)?
What's your Lp(a)? New studies have proven that a high Lp(a) level is as serious as the heart attack it causes. The Helena Lp(a) cholesterol assay has also proven to be the single best predictor of both plaque development and major ischemic events. This video includes a short presentation on the mechanism of Lp(a) cholesterol in heart disease and information on the SPIFE Cholesterol Procedure. View video now or request a copy of the video on CD through Helena's Literature Services.



Touch Series Demo

The Touch integrated gel ELP system puts the power of touch technology in your hands to knock out all your protein, immunofixation, hemoglobin and cholesterol testing quickly and efficiently. More info: www.helena.com/touchseries




Basic Manual Electrophoresis

Basic overview of serum protein manual agarose electrophoresis. View video below or click here to download high resolution video.






SPIFE 4000

Total Automation for IFEs and SPEs
Yes, you really can just load the sample tubes, press go, and return for your printed IFE and SPE results! SPIFE 4000 eliminates ALL manual steps for these assays - there’s no sample application, no stains or antisera to add, no gel transfers, no dilutions to perform, no gel blocks to remove, no tech-to-tech variability - just load and walk away.