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Continuing Education

Helena Laboratories is happy to provide a wide selection of educational materials which includes wall charts, booklets, brochures, and powerpoint presentations.
Printed materials are available at no charge to medical professionals.

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Helena Product Brochures

Helena is happy to provide product brochures as one of our contibutions to keeping you informed with the latest products available.


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Helena Point of Care Brochures


  • Plateletworks brochure

Solve Your Platelet Puzzle with Plateletworks
Plateletworks Point of Care Kits provide a quick assessment of platelet count and platelet aggregation, plus a standard CBC. Aggregation testing is based on performing a platelet count before and after intentional platelet activation, using either collagen, ADP or arachidonic acid as the agonist. This brochure which includes an algorithm for platelet screening, is available by contacting Helena's Literature Services at 800-231-5663

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  • ICHOR II flyer

BC-3600 Auto Hematology Analyer
The Mindray BC-3600 for Plateletworks platelet function and general hematology testing at the point of care provides a hematology profile with a standard CBC, as well as platelet count and platelet aggregation/inhibition in under five minutes. Testing is simple. Just add whole blood to an EDTA baseline reagent tube and your choice of agonist tubes and run a standard cell count. It’s that simple. Plateletworks can be used to screen for anything affecting platelet function.

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  • Heparin Management Brochure

Heparin Management with Actalyke and the Activated Clotting Time Test
Accurate Activated Clotting Time (ACT) testing is essential for monitoring heparin therapy during cardiac procedures. Actalyke instruments and reagent tubes provide the sensitivity, reliability and rapidity needed for timely treatment decisions at the point of care.

All Actalyke instruments use a two-point clot detection mechanism, enabling clot detection at the early fibrin formation stage with less variation due to clot fragility. This provides greater precision, especially on highly heparinized and diluted samples. Actalyke XL (dual well) and Actalyke Mini II are fully compatible with all ACT tubes. Helena offers a full line of ACT tubes, including traditional glass bead, kaolin, celite- plus the ingenious MAX-ACT. This brochure is available by contacting Helena's Literature Services at 800-231-5663

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  • Actalyke Electronic QC Simulator

The Actalyke Electronic QC Simulator
The Actalyke Electonic Clotting Tube (ECT) is designed for proper challenge of all the integral mechanisms of ACT testing. This brochure is available by contacting Helena's Literature Services at 800-231-5663

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  • QuickGels - Manual Elp solution flyer

The MAX-ACT Discovery
This booklet examines the multi-species nature of Factor XII and the resulting reaction to the various ACT activators. MAX-ACT tubes contain a mixture of Celite, Kaolin and glass beads for maximum activation of Factor XII resulting in greater heparin specificity. This booklet is available by contacting Helena's Literature Services at 800-231-5663.

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  • SPIFE 4000 IgG isoelectric focusing educational product brochure

The Actalyke Story

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