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Helena Actalyke and MAX-ACT

Actalyke XL Features

- Dual test wells

- Dual clot detection

- Biological & electronic QC functions

- QC functions with lockout option

- Three user security levels

- Demographic storage

- Data storage on disk

- Touch screen interface

- Optional bar code reader for patient ID entry


Two-Point Clot Detection

All premiere Actalyke systems use a two-point clot detection mechanism - one at 0° and another at 90°. This two-point system enables Actalyke to detect a clot at early fibrin formation and is less affected by clot stability. As the clot forms, the magnet travels away from detector 1 toward detector 2. Once it reaches the 46° threshold, the detectors in tandem signify an endpoint. The end result is greater test result reliability, especially on highly heparinized and diluted samples.


Actalyke Reagent Tubes

Helena offers a full line of Actalyke ACT tubes, including traditional glass bead, kaolin, celite plus new MAX-ACT. MAX-ACT uses a blend of celite, kaolin and glass bead. Factor XII has been found to be multi-species in nature and may not be fully activated by-one type of activator. By using a cocktail of activators, MAX-ACT provides maximal activation of Factor XII resulting in greater heparin specificity and exceptional linearity.


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The Actalyke Activated Clotting Time test system takes a bold step forward in the management of heparin anticoagulation. Actalyke analyzers are for use at the point of care during cardiopulmonary bypass, cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, hemodialysis and other procedures where heparin monitoring with accurate ACT results is needed. For enhanced user flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Actalyke instruments and test tubes are interchangeable with other ACT systems using electromagnetic clot detection principles.


Actalyke XL


Accurate Activated Clotting Time (ACT) testing is essential for monitoring heparin therapy during cardiac procedures and dialysis. Actalyke instruments and reagent tubes provide the sensitivity, reliability and rapidity needed to make timely treatment decisions at the point of care.

All Actalyke instruments use a two-point clot detection mechanism, enabling clot detection at the early fibrin formation stage with less variation due to clot fragility. This provides greater precision, especially on highly heparinized and diluted samples. The Actalyke XL is a premier analyzer offering dual-well testing, excellent reproducibility and strong data handling features. The XL is fully compatible with all ACT tubes. Helena offers a full line of Actalyke ACT tubes, including traditional glass bead, kaolin, celite- plus new MAX-ACT.

Cat. No. Item
5770 Actalyke XL Analyzer, 110/220V
9133 Service Manual for Actalyke XL
1199 Replacement Agreement for XL Analyzer

Warranty and Service Information


Actalyke XL Specifications

Tests: Whole Blood Activated Clotting Time (ACT). Accepts Actalyke ACT Tubes with celite, kaolin, glass-bead activators; MAX-ACT Tubes with blended activators; all International Technidyne Hemochron- tubes

Measurement Range:-0-1500 seconds
Incubation Temperature:- 36.5°C - 37.5°C (97.7°F - 99.5°F)
Dimensions: 10.7”W x 8.0”H. x 12.0”L (27.2 x 20.3 x 30.5 cm)
Display: 3.2” x 4” Color LCD Touch Screen (8.1 x 10.2 cm)
Weight (with printer): 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)
Line Voltage:- 47-63 Hz, 85-265 V A/C
Battery: Rechargeable
Environment: 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Data Input: LCD touch screen; Optional bar code reader for patient ID entry
Data transfer capability: 3.5” Diskette, RS232, RF Transmit, Printer
CLIA Classification:
Moderately Complex
CE Certified; NCCLS-POCT 1-A Compliant


Actalyke Electronic Clotting Tube

Cat. No. Item
XL-ECT Actalyke Electronic Clotting Tube, 1/pkg

The Electronic Clotting Tube is a single device which simulates patient sample clots at three therapeutic heparin levels: 100 seconds (Level I Normal), 300 seconds (Level II Abnormal) and 500 second (Level III Abnormal) for daily quality control of all Actalyke instruments. To ensure consistent and proper instrument operation, this check should be performed once per shift on any shift in which the analyzer is used. The Electronic Clotting Tube features a flashing status indicator when activated as well as low battery indicator.


Actalyke XL Accessories and Supplies

Cat. No. Item
5757 Actalyke Thermometer
5758 Actalyke XL Barcode Reader and Cable
5759 Actalyke XL Battery Pack
A-PPR Actalyke Thermal Printer Paper (3 rolls)
XL-ECT Actalyke Electronic Clotting Tube