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The Nucleus of the New
Helena Touch Electrophoresis System

Smaller. Faster. Touch screen. Versatile. Those are the design specs behind all the Touch Series analyzers. SPIFE Touch builds on the proven track record of the SPIFE agarose gel electrophoresis analyzer, but is 30% faster, uses lower stain and destain volumes and has a touch screen user interface.
SPIFE Touch can handle the full menu of SPIFE assays and integrates seamlessly with the new ESH Touch sample handler and the QuickScan Touch densitometer. Together, the Touch Series can handle the needs of most laboratories, even those with the highest volumes and most complex patient populations.

SPIFE Touch Features

Touch Screen
Easy to use interface for test selection and customization of parameters

30% Faster

Faster processing and organized workflow means greater efficiency over previous generations of SPIFE and other brands of electrophoresis analyzers.

Positive ID

Integrates with ESH Touch for positive ID of patient samples and electrophoresis gel.

Accurate Sampling
Up to 100 samples per agarose gel are precisely applied. New applicator blades provide fast, clean and accurate sampling.

Temperature Controlled

Peltier devices precisely regulate temperature to preserve sample integrity while providing crisp separations.

Efficient Staining and Reagent Application

Reagent is automatically applied to gels for enzymatic assays while the online stainer provides auto staining and destaining of visible analytes.

Complete Menu
A full menu of analytes including proteins, IFEs, hemoglobins, direct cholesterol including Lp(a)-c, isoenzymes, lipoproteins and IgG IEF, plus multiple gel sizes provide great versatility.


SPIFE ImmunoFix

- Tight crisp bands for easier interpretation
- Simple multi-channel antisera application
- Antisera balanced for highest sensitivity with least blush
- Gel sizes for every workload - from one profile to 15

SPIFE Proteins

- Classic 5-band or split beta separations
- Superior resolution and sensitivity
- Serum applied neat: no concentration needed for urines
- Gel sizes for every workload - up to 100 samples per gel


SPIFE Touch Assays


Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes

Cholesterol Profile

CK Isoenzymes

Acid, Alkaline and IEF Hemoglobins

High Resolution Proteins



LD Isoenzymes




SPIFE Touch and Accessories

Cat. No. Item
1068 SPIFE Touch (120 Vac, 50/60 Hz)
1381 Touch Series Barcode Scanner
1070 Stain Guard for SPIFE Touch
3707 SPIFE Alkaline Hb Electrodes (2 x square-end)



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