SPIFE Lipoprotein GelSPIFE Lipoprotein

Advances in lipid research and availability of new therapies continue to make accurate lipoprotein phenotyping essential. SPIFE Lipo separates lipoproteins into alpha, pre-beta and beta lipoproteins as well as chylomicrons. Precise temperature control results in crisp, clear separations. Samples are stained off-line using traditional Fat Red 7B stain. Up to 80 samples can be separated in about 40 minutes.


SPIFE Lipoprotein Kits

Cat. No. Item Description
3340 SPIFE Lipoprotein -80 Kit 10 x 80 samples/gel
3341 SPIFE Lipoprotein -60 Kit 10 x 60 samples/gel
3342 SPIFE Lipoprotein -40 Kit 10 x 40 samples/gel
3343 SPIFE Lipoprotein -20 Kit 10 x 20 samples/gel

Kits include: 10 Gels, Lipoprotein Stain, Electrode Blotters, Blotters, Applicator Blades.

Additional Supplies and Equipment for SPIFE Lipoprotein Procedure: LipoTrol (Cat. No.5069), REP Prep (Cat No. 3100), REP Gel Staining Dish (Cat. No. 1362), Gel Block Remover (Cat. No. 1115), SPIFE Disposable Sample Cups (Deep Well) (Cat. No. 3360), SPIFE 2000/3000 20-80 Dispo Cup Tray (Cat. No. 3364), and SPIFE Disposable Stainless Steel Electrodes (Cat. No. 3388)

QuickGel Lipoprotein Kit for SPIFE

Cat. No. Item Description
3344 QuickGel Lipoprotein Kit 10 x 20 samples

Kits includes: 10 QuickGel Lipoprotein Gels, 10 QuickGel Blotters C, 10 QuickGel Blotter X, 10 Applicator Blade Assemblies, Lipoprotein Stain


Lipoprotein Control

Cat. No. Item Description
5069 LipoTrol 5 x 1 mL

Lipoprotein Control LipoTrol

LipoTrol fills the need for a reliable commercial control for lipoprotein electrophoresis. It contains alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoprotein bands. The relative percent of each band is assayed. The control is prepared from human serum. Reconstituted control is stable 3 days at 2 to 8°C.

SPIFE 3000

The SPIFE 3000 separates and develops up to 1400 SPE samples or 210 IFE profiles in an 8-hour shift, with integrated sample and reagent application. Its barcode "lockout" feature provides positive ID between sample tray and electrophoresis gel.