SPIFE 4000 sets the standard in automated electrophoresis
Helena SPIFE 4000

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Total Automation for IFEs and SPEs
Yes, you really can just load the sample tubes, press go, and return for your printed IFE and SPE results! SPIFE 4000 eliminates ALL manual steps for these assays - there’s no sample application, no stains or antisera to add, no gel transfers, no dilutions to perform, no gel blocks to remove, no tech-to-tech variability - just load and walk away. A full day’s mixed run of SPEs and IFEs takes about 30 minutes of tech time for set up, then frees the tech to perform other tasks. In a single 8-hour shift, SPIFE 4000 can turn 100 IFEs or 756 SPEs. With SPIFE 4000’s hands-off approach, a laboratory could reasonably expect to be able to run 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

New Hemoglobin Assays
The advanced automation of the SPIFE 4000 has now been directed to hemoglobins too. Alkaline, acid and IEF hemoglobin assays are now available for detecting and identifying hemoglobinopathies. Hemolysates are prepared and added to sample trays. Once trays and supplies are loaded, SPIFE 4000 does the rest. Alkaline Hb provides classic separations mimicking cellulose acetate, while mobilities on Acid Hb reflect conventional citrate agar. Both assays use acid blue stain for high sensitivity, linearity and stability in storage. Isoelectric focusing is a powerful tool for the identification of hemoglobinopathies and may reveal many more abnormal hemoglobins than conventional electrophoretic or column methods. The SPIFE 4000 automates the IEF process from sample application to finished gel, making it practical as a routine clinical laboratory test.

SPIFE 4000 can turn 80 IFEs or 560 SPEs

Cat. No. Item
1620 SPIFE 4000, 110V
1621 SPIFE 4000, 220V
1622 SPIFE 4000, 100V/50Hz
1623 SPIFE 4000, 100V/60Hz
1625 SPIFE 4000 Replacement Electrodes
1630 SPIFE 4000 Cassettes (10/pkg)
1635 SPIFE 4000 Rigid Antisera Template
1636 SPIFE 4000 Serum Separator Sleeves, 28/pkg
2304 SPIFE 4000 IFE Antisera Pipette Tips, 96/pkg
2305 SPIFE 4000 IFE Sample Trays, 10/pkg
2307 SPIFE 4000 Maintenance Blotters, 20/pkg
2308 SPIFE 4000 Gel Staging Lid
2309 SPIFE 4000 Contact Sheets (5/pkg)
2315 SPIFE 4000 White Sample Trays, 10/pkg
2316 SPIFE 4000 Blue Sample Trays, 10/pkg
2319 SPIFE 4000 Applicator Blades
1033 Neutral Density Densitometer Control for SPIFE 4000
9136 Service Manual for SPIFE
1154 Extended Warranty for SPIFE 4000
1156 Consolidated Services for SPIFE 4000


Integrated Sample Handler -
Liquid sensing
Positive patient ID from tube to final report
Automatically makes dilutions for IFE

Auto Applicator and Electrophoresis -
Auto blotting and sample application
Peltier-driven temperature controlled chamber
Auto reagent and antisera application


Integrated Auto Scannings -
Automatic setting of scan parameters
Full editing and interpretation, if the operator chooses
Final results can be printed and/or exported to LIS

Auto IFE Gel with SPIFE 4000Auto IFE with SPIFE 4000

SPIFE 4000 automatically performs all the steps for immunofixation
Auto Dilutions – the sample handler performs all the needed dilutions and applies samples to gels
Auto Antisera –- Antisera are automatically applied to gels. Affinity and avidity of the antisera are balanced for best sensitivity with the least amount of blush.
Auto Press and Blot – Assures clear backgrounds, before moving into the auto stainer
Throughput – Four profiles per gel; up to 100 IFEs per 8 hours

Cat. No. Item
 2300 40 tests
 2301 400 tests

Auto SPE Gel with SPIFE 4000Auto SPE with SPIFE 4000

No protein retention – application system is unaffected by triglycerides or large proteins
Active cooling –- excellent split-beta separation with no degradation
Great results – resolution and presentation are excellent
Throughput – 28 samples per gel; up to 756 per 8 hours

Cat. No. Item
 2310 280 tests
 2311 2800 tests


SPIFE 4000 Hemoglobins

Alkaline Hb
SPIFE 4000 can perform alkaline hemoglobin separation of eight samples per gel, with three gels per run.

  • • Mobilities mimic traditional cellulose acetate
  • • Acid blue stain enhances linearity and visualization
  • • Automated from sample application to finished gel

Cat. No. Item
 2320 SPIFE 4000 Alkaline Hb Kit (80 tests)
 2324 SPIFE 4000 Alkaline Hb Cassettes and Electrodes
1359 REP Prepper

Acid Hb
Separate up to 14 acid hemoglobin samples per gel and up to three gels per run on SPIFE 4000.

  • • Aids in identifying hemoglobinopathies
  • • Stable in storage with acid blue stain
  • • Excellent separations
Cat. No. Item
 2322 SPIFE 4000 Acid Hb Kit (140 tests)
 2315 SPIFE 4000 White Sample Trays (10/pkg)

SPIFE 4000 automates isolectric focusing of hemoglobins on up to 14 samples from sample application to finished gel.

  • • Produces crisp, sharply resolved hemoglobin bands
  • • Aids in distinguishing hemoglobin variants
  • • Final results in 75 minutes

  • Cat. No. Item
     2325 SPIFE 4000 Hb IEF (140 tests)
     2327 SPIFE 4000 Hb IEF Cassettes and Electrodes


Performance Specifications

Serum Proteins and IFE

Media Types:
Agarose and cellulose acetate gels

Maximum Sample Size:
5 x 5 in. (12.7 x 12.7 cm)

Input Power:
120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1000 Watts
230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1000 Watts

Leakage Current:
< 3.5 mA. sinusoidal

Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth:
SPIFE 4000 Instrument & Fluids Table:
60 x 79 x 32 (152.4 x 200.7 x 81.3 cm)

Computer, Monitor, and Keyboard:
22 x 18 x 24 in. (56 x 48 x 61 cm)

< or equal to 8 x 13 x 22 in. (20 x 33 x 56 cm)

10 x 14 x 14 in. (26 x 36 x 36 cm)

Total Weight: 350 lbs (158.8 kg)

Environment: 15° to 27°C (59° to 80°F)

Instrument Operating Environment:

Ambient Temperature Range -
15° to 27°C (59° to 80°F)

Altitude tested up to 2000 meters

Complete specifications for the scanner, monitor and printer can be found in their respective owner's guide.

Densitometer Specifications

Scanning Parameters:
Gain: Automatic or Manual
Over range: > 100% of full scale
Optics Mode:
Visible Transmittance (white light)

Aperture Sizes (mm):
1....... 1 x .1
2....... 2 x .2
3....... 3 x .3
4....... 4 x .4
5....... 6 x .6
6....... 7 x .7
7....... 8 x .8
8....... 2.5 x .25
9....... 5 x .1
10......5 x .25
11..... 5 x .5
12 .....12 x 12

Scan Length:
Variable from 0.01 to 221.5 mm


Light Source:
Cold Cathode Fluorescent (white light)

Light Detectors:
CCD Array

Optical Density Linearity:
0.05 to 2.3

Operating System:

*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Microsoft ® Windows® XP

Electrophoresis Timer Range: 1 sec. to 90 min. in 1 second increments
Chamber Temperature Range: 10° to 30°C
Pre-Drying Temperature Range: 30° to 62°C
Final Drying Temperature Range: 30° to 65°C (86° to 149°F)
Fuses: F1, F2 15A/250V slow blow
Pump System: 2 peristaltic pumps, 1 syringe pump
Test Tubes: 13-16 mm diameter, 75-100 mm height (Minimum sample volume 500uL)

Bar Codes:


Character Density
Minimum Bar Width

Thin to Thick

Maximum Characters
Bar Width

Code 3 of 6 (Code 9)




Codabar (numeric)




Interleaved 2 of 5




UPC - 12 (numeric)




EAN, L reduced




CODE 128





Spife 4000

Electrophoresis Instrument and LIS Interfacing:

Ports: 3-wire RS232, no hardware handshaking

Programmable Baud Rate:

1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200

Programmable Data Bits:

7, 8

Programmable Stop Bits:

1, 2

Programmable Parity:

None, Odd, Even

Programmable Protocol:





Auto Immunofixation

• Color-coded antisera stored on-board, ready to use

• Antisera applied through rigid template to eliminate crossover

• Auto press and blot to assure clear background


SPIFE 4000 Hemoglobins

• Acid, alkaline and IEF assays

• Automated from sample application to final results without user intervention

• Excellent separations


Integrated Auto Scan

spife4000 reports can be printed or exported to LIS

• Automatic setting of scan parameters

• Full editing and interpretation capabilities

• Final results can be printed and/or exported to LIS

SPIFE 4000 Brochure