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SPIFE 4000

True walkaway electrophoresis automation is now a reality with throughput of 100 IFEs or 756 SPEs in 8 hours.

Helena QuickGels!

QuickGels are ideal for small runs and low volume testing, separating up to 10 samples per run (or 20 for some assays), efficiently and cost-effectively.

Got Plavix®?

Plateletworks can help meet new standards for platelet function screening.


Available in 3, 6, 9 and 15-profile gels to accommodate a wide range of test volumes.



Now Available!
V8 Automated Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis


health fair

Planning a Health Fair?

ColoCARE is proven success for at home fecal occult blood screening



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Thank you for visiting Helena.com! Helena Laboratories was founded in 1967 by Tipton and Ann Golias and is the premier manufacturer of automated gel electrophoresis systems for serum proteins (spep), immunofixation, cholesterol and hemoglobin analysis and more. We also offer point of care hemostasis products for platelet function testing, whole blood hemostasis and activated clotting time as well as occult blood products. Product lines include SPIFE electrophoresis, V8 capillary electrophoresis, Cascade POC, Actalyke, ColoScreen and ColoCARE.

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