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Continuing Education

Helena Laboratories is happy to provide a wide selection of educational materials which includes wall charts, booklets, brochures, and slide series.
Printed materials are available at no charge to medical professionals.

For more information contact Literature Services
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Educational Videos

We are happy to provide educational videos as one way to keep you informed of the latest developments in laboratory medicine at Helena Laboratories. Video CDs of these presentations are available for offline viewing at no charge to medical professionals. For more information, contact Marketing Support at literature@helena.com or call 800-231-5663.


QuickScan Touch Export to Excel

‘How do I export data from my QuickScan to Excel?’ Our technical support staff hear this question fairly frequently. It is often very helpful to to export electrophoresis data from the QuickScan densitometer data store to Microsoft Excel. Laboratories often need to perform this function when performing validation studies, for quality control analysis and record keeping and for performing advanced statistical analysis. This last function also lends itself well to research use. View video below or click here to download high resolution video.


Basic Manual Electrophoresis

Basic overview of serum protein manual agarose electrophoresis. View video below or click here to download high resolution video.

Lp(a) & Coronary Artery Disease - View Video

lpa cdWhat's your Lp(a)?
New studies have proven that a high Lp(a) level is as serious as the heart attack it causes. The Helena Lp(a) cholesterol assay has also proven to be the single best predictor of both plaque development and major ischemic events. This video includes a short presentation on the mechanism of Lp(a) cholesterol in heart disease and information on the SPIFE Cholesterol Procedure. View video now or request a copy of the video on CD through Helena's Literature Services.



van slyke award winnerTipton Golias, President of Helena Laboratories, was chosen as the 2009 Van Slyke Award recipient for his seminal contributions to the science of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. The Van Slyke Award is the highest academic award presented by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine - New York - Metro Section and has been presented annually since 1957 to honor the memory of Dr. Donald Van Slyke who laid the foundation of modern clinical chemistry.

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Van Slyke Award to Tipton Golias

Van Slyke Award Presentation to Tipton Golias
by: Dr. Robert S. Galen

Donald Van Slyke, born 1883, got his Ph.D. in 1907 and worked at the Rockefeller Institute in NYC until 1948 when he retired. In his textbook, published that year, he stated there was no relationship between cholesterol and coronary heart disease! Dr. Van Slyke was recognized as a leader in the emerging field of Clinical Chemistry. He received many awards and medals including the National Medal of Honor in 1965, from President Lyndon Johnson. He passed in May of 1971 and was recalled as “The Best of Men and a great scientist.”
Since 1957, the NY section of AACC has presented the Van Slyke Award to someone who represented Donald Van Slyke. A Scientist, Educator and Inventor. On Thursday, October 8, Tipton Golias received this award for his lifetime achievements in Clinical Chemistry.
I first met Tipton and Bruce in 1970 and visited Beaumont in 1972. By 1975, we were touring the country with our Cardiac Isoenzyme Symposia. In 1981, I went to China with Tipton and to many other countries and more recently with Joe. In fact, Ann blames me for all of Joe’s bad habits! A charge, I can’t deny and often enjoy.
There are people who have created the future, rather than merely managing change, through the force of their personalities and the strength of their visions. They are the Best of Men, men who have changed the world and who feel no need to apologize for themselves or their calling.
In laboratory medicine I knew many, Sol Gilford, Wally Coulter, Jack Whitehead of Technicon, Arnold Beckman, Paul Brown of Metpath where I worked many years. There is no long term advantage in being forgettable or mediocre. One thing we can agree on is that Tipton is not forgettable! How many companies exhibiting at AACC in 1970 are still exhibiting today? Maybe only one.
In closing, I want to remind everyone that Tipton’s vision and dreams for Helena could not have happened without you. When I give him this award, I am giving it to all of you. Thank you Tipton and thank all of you.