• Auto Electrophoresis
  • Clinical CE
  • Organized Workflow
  • Point of Care
  • SPIFE 4000 Zone ELP

    Zone ELP

    Laboratories processing complex patient populations, including oncology patients in therapy, need the greater sensitivity of classic zone electrophoresis.

    SPIFE 4000 provides total automation, while the multi-platform SPIFE 3000, ESH Touch, QuickScan Touch system provides a higher throughput option.

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  • V8 Capillary ELP

    Capillary ELP

    For labs serving a general patient population and running more than 50 immunosubtractions and proteins per day, capillary electrophoresis is a cost-effective choice.

    The V8 CE offers 8 capillaries, the ability to run multiple assays simultaneously, randowm access for STATs, gel integration, and auto maintenance.

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  • Hemostasis Point of Care

    Hemostasis POC

    Whether your hemostasis needs include pre-surgical or trauma screening, or monitoring coumadin, heparin, or anti-platelet therapies, Helena POC hemostasis has the answer.

    Cascade POC, Plateletworks and Actalyke make it easy and cost-effective to monitor and screen at the point of patient care.

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  • ColoCARE Helena Labs Fetal-Tek


    Helena Laboratories is working to uniquely meet your lab's particular testing needs with a select group of specialty products.

    ColoCARE, Fetal-Tek, and H-Pette are among the premier niche products Helena offers.

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V8 E-Class Clinical Electrophoresis

Now Available! V8 Automated Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis

More V8 Features - Improved Laboratory Efficiency 


  • Multi-Assay - simultaneous separation of multiple assays; 72 proteins or 18 immunotypings per hour
  • Auto Pilot - select assays, load samples and close the lid - it's as simple as that - all reagents and buffers are held on-board
  • Random Access - continuous loading of up to 112 primary sample tubes for high throughput with the flexibility to insert urgent samples
  • Audible and Visual Feedback - verbal updates on run progress plus gentle illumination to indicate instrument status
  • Smart Sampling - intelligent identification and recall of abnormal samples for confirmatory testing; integrated sample handling for gel electrophoresis preparation
  • True ID - total audit trail accountability including patient identification, reagent lot numbers and expiration dates, and security protection
  • Future Proof - built-in flexibility for product evolution and a high-tech modular platform to provide supplementary chemistry space for buffers and reagents
  • Platinum 4v Software - makes the management, analysis and interpretation of results as simple, accurate and efficient as possible, including bi-directional network communication

Planning a Health Fair?

ColoCARE is a proven success for at home fecal occult blood screening. Special orders are available to meet the needs and scope of your screening program. Health fairs and employee screening programs are an important healthcare function. When considering which tests to include in your next program, consider the economy and effectiveness of the ColoCARE fecal occult blood test. Helena Laboratories is happy to work with program sponsors, providing assistance in designing a successful program with ColoCARE.


Health Fairs with Helena Laboratories